SALISBURY, CT – Beet.TV this year hosted its first event in the Berkshires, recognizing that the highland region in northwestern Connecticut and western Massachusetts has attracted professionals from advertising, media and ad-tech companies who want a scenic getaway.

With so many people looking for things to do and see, media executive Alan Katz last year started The Mountains Media to publish a glossy magazine and website that showcase the area’s outdoor activities, cultural events, live music, fine dining, shopping, inns, bed & breakfasts and everything in between.

“This has become just an amazing area in the last few years,” Katz said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields. “When I came here and saw all the energy that was here and realized the other media that was here wasn’t tapping into what I was thinking that it should be.”

Katz, whose experience includes publisher roles at New York Magazine and Condé Nast, seeks to provide a trusted source of curated information that saves people the time and hassle of having to pore through fruitless internet searches.

“That is how magazines were built for so many years,” Katz said. “It’s a trusted community that is like-minded. You find comfort in that, knowing that you might be from any area or any kind of person, but in this environment, there’s sort of a like-mindedness — and that’s immediate.”


As a media partner to Beet.TV, The Mountains this week published a spread that showcases Beet Retreat Berkshires. The event not only brought together leaders from the media and marketing industries, but it also raised more than $15,000 in an auction for charity

You’re watching coverage of Beet Retreat Berkshires, our latest Retreat in Salisbury, Connecticut — presented by Magnite, KERV & TransUnion. For more videos from this event, please visit this page.