SALISBURY, CT – Brands may rely on agencies to help them drive sales through commerce channels, but their customer relationship management (CRM) is often in a different silo. Bringing commerce and CRM together is an important step for brands after a consumer buys a product or service.

“We’re calling the convergence of these two things ‘addressable relationships,’ so that we can find you in a moment of discovery and then create a relationship with you on behalf of a brand,” Amy Lanzi, chief executive of Publicis Groupe’s Digitas North America, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at the Beet Retreat Berkshires.

The addressable relationship strategy brings together separate teams within organizations who also use different technologies.

“Great agency partners are good at seeing those two things and thinking about how we might connect them through an identity solution or other systems — to be able to move someone from that first purchase into being able to start a real relationship with them through CRM,” Lanzi said.

Retail Media Networks

Advertising and commerce have become more directly linked through retailers that sell ad placements on their websites. These retail media networks also can help to raise awareness for brands in what’s considered the upper part of the purchase funnel.

Estimated U.S. retail media spending

“When you think about the transformation of the retail media partners, they really have transformed into be full-funnel partners,” Lanzi said.  “When you think about your investment strategy, yes, you need to be figuring out the fundamentals to win in lower-funnel. But to really drive brand growth, brand building, you need to be thinking about the full-funnel or upper-funnel opportunities with these partners.”

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