TransUnion’s Vision for Interoperability: The Future of Identity in Advertising

MIAMI — In the evolving digital landscape, where addressability and the very nature of identifiers are shifting, the call for effective interoperability has never been louder. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Julie Clark, SVP of Media & Entertainment at TransUnion, underscores the urgency of this development. “Interoperability is essential to be able to make […]


Beet Retreat Berkshires Reveals Key Trends in TV & Digital Video Advertising via Magnite, KERV and TransUnion

SALISBURY, CT – The very first Beet Retreat Berkshires brought together leaders from the media, advertising and ad-tech industries to a region that offers woodland beauty and a burgeoning cultural scene. Beet.TV capture a range of opinions from executives about current trends in artificial intelligence, privacy-safe identifiers and the ad-tech marketplace. Marika Roque, chief operating […]


Empathy And Transparency: The Twin Pillars Of Leadership In A Transforming Industry

CANNES — In the heart of a rapidly evolving industry, empathy and transparency emerge as the paramount traits for effective leadership, according to Julie Clark, SVP, Media & Entertainment at TransUnion. Clark joined the consumer data company in May this year from being Spotify’s global head of advertising revenue innovation. She also held senior roles […]


Beet Retreat Preview with TransUnion’s Julie Clark: Consumer Identifiers Underpin Ad Sales

Marketers can make advertising campaigns more effective with reliable information about how they reached a target audience. Consumer identifiers that don’t reveal personal details about people or invade their privacy are an important resource in these efforts. Identity “streamlines the way that we transact in the marketing ecosystem,” Julie Clark, senior vice president of media […]