SALISBURY, CT – Shoppable video seeks to combine the reach and emotional power of television with the ability to order products and services. KERV AI aims to make these transactions more feasible for brands and consumers.

“What KERV is doing is very unique because the creative process has been ancient for years,” Jay Wolff, chief revenue officer at KERV AI, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at the Beat Retreat Berkshires.

“Antiquated ways of measurement, antiquated ways of building creative manual processes can now be solved by AI [artificial intelligence],” Wolff said. The technology functions by “breaking down one scene in a piece of video down to what we call the KERV pixel edge, identifying all the objects and correlating all those objects to some sort of output.”

NBCUniversal is working with KERV to provide what it calls “Must-Shop TV.” Quick-response (QR) codes that are readable by smartphones put more control into the hands of viewers.

“There’s a perfect storm between readiness for technology and consumer behavior and user behavior, and the fact that everyone has a QR code on their phone,” Wolff said. “We believe those worlds are converging, and now is the right time for shoppable television.”

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