SALISBURY, Ct. — After it won the US media account for L’Oreal, Omnicom Media Group has set about making good on its pitch to the brand.

Omnicom formed Beauty Co-Lab (BCL), a bespoke Omnicom Group unit for L’Oréal USA.

In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Danielle Sporkin, president of Beauty Co-Lab, explains the big idea for the cosmetics client.

A Bespoke Agency Unit with Core Values at Heart

“Building Beauty Co-Lab, which is a bespoke agency unit, specifically servicing the L’Oreal client, really enabled us to create the culture from scratch,” says Sporkin.

The opportunity to establish a brand new culture, rather than augmenting an existing one, has been both a challenge and a bonding experience for the leadership team.

“We knew that we wanted to start with core values and make those values something that isn’t just words on a page, but really would be infused in everything that we did,” Sporkin elaborates.

Building a Culture of Recognition and Support

With a team comprising of 50% internal transfers and 50% new hires, the challenge lies in creating a unified culture that encompasses diverse backgrounds and lived experiences.

To foster a sense of unity and mutual respect, Beauty Co-Lab has implemented agency shout-outs. “It’s a form that anyone across the agency can fill out to recognize one of their team members, and it’s tied to our agency values,” explains Sporkin.

These shout-outs, distributed via a weekly email, serve to acknowledge team contributions while reinforcing the agency’s values.

Sporkin acknowledges the thrill and apprehension that comes with pioneering a new venture. “I stood up at our very first town hall that was about a month into our agency existence, and I said, ‘We are pioneers. Everything that you do is the first. And that’s really exciting’,” she says.

However, Sporkin doesn’t shy away from the challenges, admitting that stepping into the unknown can be intimidating.

A Collaborative Approach to Industry Challenges

Sporkin’s recent attendance at the Beet Retreat in the Berkshires revealed several industry themes that resonated with her vision for Beauty Co-Lab. “We’re here with agencies, with clients, with ad tech partners, with media partners and the fact that we are a community and when we all come together, we can do great things as partners,” she says.

Emphasizing the importance of collaboration and partnership, Sporkin believes that these relationships extend beyond agency and client to encompass the entire industry.

Sporkin’s people-centered approach extends to the wellbeing of her team. “At the end of the day our most valuable resource is people and that they’re at the heart of everything that we do,” she says.

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