SALISBURY, Ct. – The growing fragmentation of the media marketplace has led advertisers to seek ways to manage the complexities of cross-platform campaigns. Marketers also have sought to better evaluate how their media spending drives business outcomes, especially amid the recent economic uncertainties that come with rapid increases in consumer prices and the cost to borrow money.

To address these needs, GroupM, the media-buying group of agency holding company WPP Plc., in 2022 formed GroupM Nexus from its community of campaign-activation specialists at Finecast, Xaxis, and GroupM Services.

“We took about 1,800 people working on various different platform capabilities across paid, own and earned – what most people consider search, social programmatic and commerce – and brought them under one roof,” JiYoung Kim, president of North America at GroupM Nexus, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields at the Beet Retreat Berkshires.

In addition to these steps to break down the siloes amid various specialties, GroupM Nexus also is continually developing more advanced technologies – such as artificial intelligence – to help with decision-making and to automate some operations to help advertisers improve the performance of their campaigns.

“We’re seeing a little bit of man and machine, the marriage of those two coming together in performance,” Kim said. “What Nexus believes in is the next generation of performance practitioners. It’s not about acquisition, it’s not about sales, it’s not about lower funnel. It’s the numerical certainty in what is going to happen with the media investment.”

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