SALISBURY, CT – The digital media industry is buzzing about advanced TV data.

In that mix, many in the supply chain have come to record TV as just another form of video.

But Moe Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV at MiQ, urges us to remember that “TV is TV” and needs to be treated uniquely.

The Marriage of Digital Advertising and Television

The integration of digital advertising and television has been a hot topic, but Chughtai cautions against trying to turn television into just another screen in a digital buy.

“The important thing for me is TV is TV and you’ve got to treat it like TV,” he emphasizes.

Television excels in delivering brand impressions and telling stories to consumers, a strength that Chughtai feels should not be lost in the pursuit of addressability.

“It’s less important that you can individually understand each consumer, until you start to get to mid-funnel, bottom-funnel campaigns”, he says, advocating for a balance between addressability and storytelling.

The Fragmentation of Programmatic Buying

MiQ offers programmatic campaign solutions including data analytics, creative build and trading insights, plus analytics and tech solutions.

On the topic of programmatic buying, Chughtai notes that the trends towards consolidation have paradoxically led to more fragmentation for buyers.

“If you need to run a scaled national CTV campaign, you’ve got to run anywhere between three and eight platforms,” he complains.

Chughtai doesn’t necessarily see this as a negative, but acknowledges it means added complexity for advertisers.

Going National for 2024

Looking ahead to the 2024 elections, Chughtai anticipates a significant increase in local supply for CTV.

The medium traditionally was the preserve of national suppliers and advertisers.

Although the 2024 presidential campaign is not the first election in which CTV will play a key role, it is the one in which CTV is expected to command the biggest share of TV ad spend.

One recent forecast expects 2024 election spending to top $11 billion.

“We’re seeing a ton more local supply hit the market. And so I think that’s pretty exciting,” he says, also highlighting the successful fundraising of Mad Hive as indicative of the growing trend towards local CTV advertising.

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