Founded four years ago, VideoAmp aims to help advertisers and media owners plan, package, execute and measure the success of de-duplicated and precisely targeted campaigns that reach linear TV, VOD, OTT and digital consumers.

Now it is taking a step up by acquiring one company and partnering with another.

The outfit has acquired IronGrid Data Services, a provider of household level, anonymized television viewership data fr eight million US households, to help build out its household TV data – as AdExchanger puts it, “to process the unstructured data that comes from set-top boxes”.

At the same time, VideoAmp is partnering with InScape, the unit of TV maker Vizio that deals with automated content recognition (ACR).

That will give it access to anonymized viewing data from nine million TV sets in the US.

VideoAmp has witnessed the evolution of early notions of “programmatic TV” – from packaging up remnant inventory at a mark-up, to something with far more potential.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, VideoAmp chief strategy officer Jay Prasad says more is coming.

“Our DSP platform, we still have some business that we run on behalf of clients,” he says. There is some very kind of, tricky KPIs sometimes, when it comes to hitting video metrics. It’s just different then other programmatic.

“So, our platform is used when we offer that white glove service to clients. And then, we are working with one of our investors RTL, in a version of the DSP that will be specifically designed for GDPR compliancy. And will be used in Europe by RTL themselves.”