No wonder he just sold his new company’s demand-side operations. Whilst there is ongoing consolidation of ad-tech players catering to advertisers and their agencies, video ad-tech outfit Tremor Video’s new CEO Mark Zagorski says the same is not true amongst platforms serving publishers.

“You haven’t seen a ton of consolidation, particularly on the sell side of the business, because there’s still a lot of scale to be grown,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“You’ve seen a trend toward demand-side businesses either selling off or consolidating. You haven’t seen that on the sell side, because there’s still tons of opportunity here.”

Tremor Video sold part of its business to Taptica of Israel in August with a $50mn price tag for the sale. The rationale was to exit a demand side that has become busy and to stop serving both sides of the business, something which may give rise to conflict of interest, but also because Zagorski sees the sell side with lots of head room to grow.

“The space is booming,” he says. “Video … is exploding. It’s only going to greater, with the news that you’ve seen … with folks like Disney saying they’re going to create their own OTT packages. Where we’re positioned is even more exciting. We’re in a sell-side position, there’s not a significant amount of competition…

“Look at the success of companies like The Trade Desk or Criteo – that is success that Tremor can and will emulate – very high-margin, fast-growth technology business that has nothing but prospects down the road.”

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