LAS VEGAS –  A huge thank you Sarah Hofstetter, Bryan Wiener and the Comscore crew for hosting an awesome party at the Cosmopolitan on my birthday (1/8) and to celebrate Beet.TV’s thirteenth year.  Thirteen, a milestone in digital publishing, maybe?   A reason enough for a party, why not!

I was honored that so many good friends from our industry joined us.  It was a blast.

Maximizing the moment, I shamelessly used the event to record testimonials from several of the luminaries in the house.  They are published here.

In this 4 minute video, please find comments from Irwin Gotlieb, Senior Advisor to WPP,  Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan, IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg, Terry Kawaja, CEO of LUMA Partners and Kirk McDonald, CMO of Xandr.  Thank you gentlemen.  You are incredible.

As the Beet.TV team celebrates our best year ever in 2018, we look forward to continuing and expanding the conversation.   We will be digging deeper into the root to the media revolution which I find is as exciting and complex a beat as ever.  Oh, and it’s a great ride.

A Milk Bar Birthday Cake – Thank you Frances!