In a world where the interplay between technology and consumer behavior is rapidly evolving, industry events must transcend traditional formats to offer a truly immersive and forward-thinking experience.

That’s the view of the organizer of POSSIBLE, the upcoming marketing event in Miami.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Christian Muche, CEO & Co-Founder of Beyond Ordinary Events, talks about what to expect at the event.

A Unique Blend of Conference and Culture

“We made a big splash,” says Muche. The event is not your typical conference—it’s a vibrant mix of discussions, activations, and partnerships, held at an expansive resort, keeping attendees engaged on-site for three days.

When it comes to the key themes at POSSIBLE, Muche is clear: AI will dominate the conversation, but with a consumer-first perspective.

“We should start more from a consumer perspective… Why does it change the consumer behavior and also the way how to consume content,” Muche explains. By focusing on understanding the near future rather than just showcasing case studies, POSSIBLE aims to provide actionable insights that attendees can apply in their daily business.

Retail media is another significant topic on the docket. Muche notes, “We have all partners who play a role in this business, on site as speakers, but also as partners.”

Culture and DEI at the Core

Miami serves as the backdrop for POSSIBLE, blending marketing, technology, and culture. Muche emphasizes the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

“We have a lot of topics around AI in terms of industry sustainability topics, equality topics, inclusion topics,” he asserts. Partnerships with groups like Group Black and TelevisaUnivision underscore POSSIBLE’s intention to to represent and connect diverse communities within the event.

Stellar Lineup and Surprises

While last year featured a surprise appearance by Elon Musk, Muche teases more excitement for this edition. “We have Pit Bull on site… We have Winston Duke speaking,” he reveals, hinting at a lineup that includes CMOs, brand marketers, tech leaders, celebrities, and influencers.

Muche identifies a gap in the industry event landscape, with options often polarizing between small, exclusive gatherings and massive, less-personal conferences.

POSSIBLE aims to fill this void, “going beyond a conference and bringing everybody… a couple of thousand decision makers from all over the place of the marketing world,” he envisions.