The POSSIBLE conference in Miami on April 15 to 17 will bring together advertising and marketing executives to share ideas and insights on the latest innovations that shape brand management.

“I’m really excited about POSSIBLE this year,” Seho Lee, head of sales, strategic verticals at Uber Technologies, said in this interview with Lisa Granatstein, editorial director of Beet.TV. “I’m really interested to hear what are the practical use cases that are being applied to the business today? What are some of the visionary ideas for the future?”

Topics such as the competition among streaming platforms, marketing partnerships with professional and college athletes, artificial intelligence and the development of audience identifiers to replace tracking cookies will be focal points for discussion and debate, Lee said.

Uber is building an advertising platform that seeks to differentiate itself from other media channels by offering brands a way to connect with its customers as they hail a ride or order food in its mobile apps. The company also is equipping more ride-share cars with tablet screens. App usage generates contextual signals such as geographic destination or intention to order food.

“Uber is in a really unique position because we know where you’re going at the moment. We know you’re in the back of an Uber,” Lee said, “and with those two signals, we have a strong indication of what you’re going to do in that moment and how you are going to emotionally respond while you’re heading to a particular destination.”

He said contextual signals will underpin Uber’s advertising platform in new and unexpected ways.

“From a creative standpoint, how do you capture consumers attention from the time that they order an Uber to the time they get to the destination and really drive a magical experience through brand integrations?” he said. “That’s the mission that we’re on right now.”