SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Stricter privacy laws and growing legal liabilities for information security have pushed the media and marketing industries to find a technology that will help them to track people’s exposure to advertising without invading their privacy. The development of privacy-centric identifiers is significant for consumer data company TransUnion.

“In many cases, a pretty unique approach that we take is enabling as many of those industry identifiers that we think are going to scale or we’re seeing demand from,” Frans Vermuelen, vice president of strategy and market development at TransUnion, said in this interview at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica.

He pointed to the company’s collaboration with media agency Horizon Media on its Blu.ID and with OpenAP on its OpenID as examples.

“It’s not just trying to force the industry to use identifier A or B, or industrywide effort A or B,” he said. “We want to enable as many of them as possible under the hood as well as make sure that we can transact across as many of those connection points that matter.”

Opportunities in Audio

The portability of smartphones gives people a way to engage with media throughout the day, and audio content gives them the flexibility to listen to podcasts or music streams while doing other activities. Vermeulen sees enormous opportunities for marketers to expand their presence in audio.

“We’re seeing a lot of demand for more advanced services from the audio ecosystem,” he said. “We’ll be announcing some of them relatively soon hopefully before CES, so keep an eye out for that.”

Flight To Quality Means Intermediaries, Too: TransUnion’s Vermeulen

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