To create what it calls “the largest data set in television,” NCC Media is converging the linear TV and digital data of its three owners—Charter Communications, Comcast and Cox Communications—as it broadens its inventory offering beyond local avails to OTT.

One major advance is that NCC is marrying set-top box data showing content consumption and advertising exposure with household IP addresses, CEO Nicolle Pangis explains in this interview with Beet.TV in which she also talks about new OTT partnerships with CheddarU and Roku.

“So we can actually start for an advertiser frequency capping across household TV viewership, so we don’t have the same message being pushed to the same households ad nauseam if it’s not appropriate for the household. This sort of convergence from a demand side perspective becomes very interesting because right now, those channels have been planned and bought separately historically,” says Pangis.

The former Global Chief Operating Officer of GroupM’s [m]PLATFORM was named CEO of NCC Media in May 2018, as Broadcasting & Cable reports.

NCC is “working with some very major brands to do that right now in a very test and learn scenario,” she adds, predicting that the “pendulum will swing back” from digital to television “because we will show the power of television from an attribution funnel perspective, from exposure down to the transaction.”

The converged data set from NCC’s three owners has three elements:

• A deterministic view of the household “because there’s a direct-to-consumer relationship that all these companies have with their consumer.”

• A broadband IP address, “which is a way to marry digital and television.”

• Set-top box data showing what advertising and content households consume.

Because the Xfinity system is in the cloud, “you can consume that video on your iPad, on your phone when you’re traveling to work and also on your living room television and all of that data can be tracked and converged into the single data set. It becomes the largest data set in television.

“By putting those pieces together across the ownership, we can use that data in a privacy compliant way to work with brands to reach audiences wherever they watch content “because we have that bridge into the household into digital venues as well.”

In July, NCC announced an exclusive partnership to sell the inventory of CheddarU, the live news network for college campuses, formerly known as MTVU. Pangis says NCC also “signed with Roku to sell into their inventory, so we’re expanding the pie.”

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