LAS VEGAS – Early insights from Nielsen’s Total Audience measurement offering show a huge number of people viewing on-demand video content—viewers who fall outside of the standard seven-day audience measurement metric.

When VOD is accurately measured, “we’re seeing significant lift from that viewing environment,” Jessica Hogue, SVP of Product Leadership at Nielsen, says in an interview with Beet.TV. “It’s a big insight for marketers and media sellers because it’s another opportunity to reach consumers that might happen after a traditional seven-day window.”

Total Audience is Nielsen’s mechanism for executing comparable measurement of consumer exposure to both advertising and content. It relies on both consumer panels and census-level measurement techniques.

“Panels often are source of truth,” Hogue says. “They give us scale and granularity. We know the people within our panel and we know a lot about them.”

Even with its census inputs, “We still need to be able at the end of the day to give clients one number for the people who consume their content,” Hogue says. “And in order to do that we need the depth that we get from our panels. So think of it as both panels and census.”

Hogue was interviewed at Nielsen’s annual Consumer 360 conference.

This video is part of series produced at Consumer 360. The series is sponsored by Nielsen. Please visit this page for additional segments.

Nielsen's Consumer 360, Las Vegas 2016