Nielsen Catalina: Looking Beyond Cross-Screen To Cross-Media Measurement

LAS VEGAS – While the mantra of the moment would appear to be cross-screen measurement of consumer behavior, Matt O’Grady says the “big nirvana” is cross-media measurement. That means not only knowing what people are doing on digital and mobile devices but being able to pull in television viewing, print reading and radio viewing. Those […]


As Preferences Change, So Does Consumer Ad Tolerance: Nielsen’s Clarizio

LAS VEGAS – How do you determine where a line should be if it is constantly shifting? The line in question is consumers’ tolerance for ads in digital and traditional television programming and it changes along with their changing preferences, according to Nielsen’s President of U.S. Media. Lynda Clarizio says Nielsen’s two-day Consumer 360 conference […]


Nielsen Marketing Cloud: Think Owned & Integrated, Says EVP Garbaccio

LAS VEGAS – The Nielsen Marketing Cloud wants to be known as more than just a data management platform. The distinction centers on two words: owned and integrated. Because Nielsen and its recent acquisition eXelate are “traditional data companies,” data access is one of the hallmarks of the Marketing Cloud, its EVP, Damian Garbaccio, says […]


Kiip: Rewarding Consumers On Mobile Devices When They Least Expect It

LAS VEGAS – The next time you’re finishing a jog and check your mobile device, don’t be surprised if Gatorade is offering to reward your performance. It’s the respectful way to join brands with consumers on the go, according to Kiip Founder and CEO Brian Wong. Kiip (rhymes with keep) aims to be the nexus […]


Nielsen Total Audience: Where Census And Panel Measurement Converge

LAS VEGAS – Early insights from Nielsen’s Total Audience measurement offering show a huge number of people viewing on-demand video content—viewers who fall outside of the standard seven-day audience measurement metric. When VOD is accurately measured, “we’re seeing significant lift from that viewing environment,” Jessica Hogue, SVP of Product Leadership at Nielsen, says in an […]


Retale’s Stromborg: Mobile Ad Platform Unites Location With Relevance

LAS VEGAS – The words transparent and measureable don’t always apply to some digital advertising offerings. Retale, the location-based mobile advertising platform for retailers and brands, has found a way to incorporate both to stand out from the crowd. The shopping-based “app ecosystem,” which launched about two years ago in the United States, enables marketers […]


Mondelez’ Bough: Scaled Businesses Can Be ‘Dragons’ If They Sense Consumer Trends

LAS VEGAS – Forget the unicorn startups. B. Bonin Bough wants to be among “the next wave of dragons” that create billion-dollar businesses on the backs of existing, scaled organizations based on sensing where consumers are headed. Bough, who is Chief Media & Commerce Officer of consumer-packaged-goods giant Mondelez, addressed futuristic e-commerce in a session […]


MAGNA GLOBAL’s Hughes: Average Audience Metric Depends On Time Frame

LAS VEGAS – That people constantly multitask is yesterday’s news. How they allocate their time across devices within a given time period—and what that allocation will look like five years from now—is what’s important to Brian Hughes. As he attends the annual Nielsen Consumer 360 event, the SVP of Audience Analysis Practice Lead for Interpublic’s […]


Omnicom’s Steuer To MSO’s: Open Up Your Viewership Data

LAS VEGAS –Omnicom Media Group’s Chief Research Officer has a message for cable television providers: unlock your viewership data and it will be mutually beneficial. “If I could wave a magic wand to have the right data set for TV targeting and attribution, right now what I’d love to see is all the MSO’s start […]


Nielsen: DVR, Streaming Video Adoption Each At Fifty Percent Of Households

LAS VEGAS – Despite tremendous growth in consumer use of connected-TV devices, traditional media have stabilized year over year and thus “the report of their demise appears to be premature,” says Glenn Enoch, SVP of Audience Insights at Nielsen. At the same time, DVR penetration and that of streaming video on demand (SVOD) have met […]


Nielsen’s Rao On Engagement: It’s Part Of Everyone’s ‘Mousetrap’

LAS VEGAS – Nielsen veteran Karthik Rao senses a resurgence of engagement as a metric for marketers. If that’s so, then the sky is the limit because while advertising reach has its limits, engagement does not. As he attends Nielsen’s annual Consumer 360 gathering, the theme of engagement “seems to be what everybody’s building their mousetrap […]


Turner’s Shimmel: Forget Single Currency, Let’s Measure ‘All The Pieces’ Right

LAS VEGAS – The term “total audience” doesn’t necessarily mean “total currency” to Turner Broadcasting’s Howard Shimmel. While he doesn’t think the advertising industry will ever adopt a single currency for trading traditional television and digital video, he’s happy that measurement giant Nielsen is moving ahead with its Total Audience offering. In an interview with […]


Nielsen Studies Show Co-Viewing On Roku Devices Similar To Linear TV

LAS VEGAS – The biggest takeaway to date from Nielsen’s work with Roku in examining the connected device landscape is that it’s a lot like linear television, given the amount of co-viewing that takes place. “If you looked at the connected device landscape and all you looked at is the server counts coming off of […]


ESPN’s Singer: Not Sure Anyone’s Comfortable With Cross-Platform Measurement

LAS VEGAS – ESPN’s Barbara Singer has been “fanning the flames” of cross-platform content viewing measurement for many years. Among other things, the media company has learned that its viewers and listeners only become “cross-platform” denizens over several weeks. “We thought that people were using multiple platforms every day, but it’s not true,” says Singer, […]


Turner’s Speciale: Clients On Board With Shift To C7 Television Ratings

LAS VEGAS – Talking television ratings, Donna Speciale is ready for C Whatever, given the media company’s vast cross-platform presence, but for now she’s pleased that clients have warmed up to C7. She calls it “baby steps.” In an interview at the Nielsen Consumer 360 conference, the President of Ad Sales at Turner Broadcasting System […]


VOD And Dynamic Ad Insertion Could Replace Lost Impressions: Hulu’s Naylor

LAS VEGAS – Pity the lowly digital video recorder. If media companies like Hulu had their druthers, it would go the way of the hula hoop (sorry Wham-O). It’s no surprise that people like Peter Naylor, Hulu’s SVP of Advertising Sales, have set their sights on the DVR. They see it as a Pleistocene relic […]


Google’s Watson: Helping Brand Advertisers Straddle Television And Video

LAS VEGAS – With almost 75% of YouTube viewing happening on mobile devices, it’s no surprise that tech giant Google wants to be part of the quest for uniform metrics for cross-platform measurement. Because while it is quick to point out the challenges facing traditional television, the company also benefits from helping advertisers straddle digital […]


Dave Morgan: Currency of TV Planning has Fundamentally Changed, It’s Personal

LAS VEGAS –  Powered by the digital media world, TV ad selling has shifted from selling shows to selling people in a fundamental shift says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia. He says this shift has been made all the clear by recent declarations about audience targeting at the TV Upfront from networks and programmers including […]


Nielsen Extends Partnership with Facebook around Deduplication of TV Views

LAS VEGAS – Nielsen, which has partnered with Facebook for some six years,  earlier this year expanded that relationship to tabulate TV viewing  across digital devices. Recently, it has added a deduplication function to the project, explains Megan Clarken,  Nielsen’s President of Product Leadership, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with her at the Nielsen Consumer […]