LAS VEGAS – The next time you’re finishing a jog and check your mobile device, don’t be surprised if Gatorade is offering to reward your performance. It’s the respectful way to join brands with consumers on the go, according to Kiip Founder and CEO Brian Wong.

Kiip (rhymes with keep) aims to be the nexus between “a very relevant brand and a very relevant action,” Kiip says in an interview with Beet.TV at the annual Nielsen Consumer 360 event. “Let’s say you finish a run. Gatorade will be there to reward you.”

Kiip’s brand partners include consumer packaged-goods marketers, retailers and quick-serve restaurants. Because its technology is now embedded in roughly 4,000 of other peoples’ apps, consumers don’t have to register with Kiip, navigate across screens or keep track of their reward points.

“We’re kind of lightweight,” Wong observes. “There’s no Kiip points. You actually get the reward by claiming it to your email.”

Kiip has been working with Nielsen’s Vizu unit to study the impact it has with consumers. “We’ve consistently outperformed a lot of the average benchmarks that they have,” Wong says.

Having just closed a C round of funding worth $16 million, according to Wong, Kiip enables brands to be in the moment in the best way possible, proving that mobile doesn’t have to be a bridge too far for creating brand engagement.

“If you can bring a brand into a respectful moment when a consumer is at pause, they will respond very positively,” Wong says, adding, “and you can truly build brand on mobile if you do it in a way that’s not the classic thinking.”

This video is part of series produced at Consumer 360. The series is sponsored by Nielsen. Please visit this page for additional segments.

Nielsen's Consumer 360, Las Vegas 2016