LAS VEGAS – While the mantra of the moment would appear to be cross-screen measurement of consumer behavior, Matt O’Grady says the “big nirvana” is cross-media measurement. That means not only knowing what people are doing on digital and mobile devices but being able to pull in television viewing, print reading and radio viewing.

Those data are joined with Catalina’s grocery and drug store loyalty card information for some 90 million households for what O’Grady calls “purchase-based” media planning and targeting.

“Our definition of measurement is return on advertising spend,” O’Grady says in an interview at the annual Nielsen Consumer 360 conference. “Did they see the Tide ad and did they go back and actually spend when the campaign was done?”

This is what fuels purchase-based planning, which O’Grady describes as “planning not just on age and sex demos but planning on how recently they purchased that particular product and when are they most likely to buy it again.”

Catalina’s data are refreshed on a daily basis and can be matched to any consumer media exposure—hence the term cross-media measurement.

“The big nirvana is cross-media measurement and the interaction and affect and benefit of advertising on mobile and print, or on TV and digital,” O’Grady says.

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Nielsen's Consumer 360, Las Vegas 2016