LAS VEGAS – The words transparent and measureable don’t always apply to some digital advertising offerings. Retale, the location-based mobile advertising platform for retailers and brands, has found a way to incorporate both to stand out from the crowd.

The shopping-based “app ecosystem,” which launched about two years ago in the United States, enables marketers to present people “with an offer that’s very relevant to where they are basically standing in that moment of time,” Nels Stromborg, the company’s COO & CRO, says in an interview with Beet.TV.

Retale has been busy aggregating consumers into its app environment by stressing to brands and retailers how it’s different from what Stromborg refers to as the “wild west” of some digital ad businesses and their “sort of opaqueness.” As a startup it was an early user of Nielsen’s NetView “because we really do as a company believe in a transparent environment,” Stromborg says.

Thus far, Retale has scaled “somewhere around eight million downloads, three million active users,” per Nielsen, according to Stromborg. “You can measure it like you would measure any other media spend using Nielsen,” Stromborg says. “And ultimately that becomes a story around our value and what we’re actually bringing to the table for advertisers.”

Stromborg was interviewed at the annual Nielsen Consumer 360 conference.

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Nielsen's Consumer 360, Las Vegas 2016