Canal+ Digital Chief Touts Power of Second-Screen

CANNES – The greatest value in second-screen interactivity and TV Everywhere services lies in customer retention says Fabienne Fourquet, Director of Digital Content at Canal + in an interview with Beet.TV at MIPTV 2013. The French premium TV service offers second-screen services for its soccer games, for instance, and regularly draws more than 100,000 users each weekend, she […]


ExMachina Introduces ‘Made For Second Screen’ Initiative At MIPTV

CANNES — Second screen applications and technologies are becoming increasingly popular. ExMachina CEO Jeroen Elfferich says statistics are showing that up to 20 percent of television viewers will “gladly pick up a device and participate” if they are prompted to.  Beet.TV spoke with Elfferich at the MIPTV Conference in Cannes to find out more about […]


Orange Touts its Second Screen Usage in France and the U.K.

CANNES — As smartphone and social technology improves, users have become empowered and are creating their own usages and solutions for second screen entertainment, leveraging the tools at their disposal, says David Nahmani, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Orange/France Telecom in this interview with Beet.TV at the MIPTV conference. Orange was early to […]


MEC’s Chantal Rickards: “Second Screen Is Vital To Broadcasters”

CANNES — More and more producers and broadcasters are adopting second screen strategies, but Chantal Rickards, Head of Programming & Branded Content at MEC, believes that these producers and broadcasters should be putting even more resources into the second screen—5 percent, to be exact.  We spoke with Rickards at the MIPTV Conference in Cannes to […]


A&E Touts Link Between Social Buzz and Global Tune-In

CANNES — “Digital platforms provide us a real opportunity to engage with our users,” says Christopher Barry, Managing Director of Strategy & Digital at A&E.  At the MIPTV Conference in Cannes, we had the opportunity to speak with Barry about A&E’s social and digital strategy, and the correlation between social buzz and tune-in. A&E has […]


Companion TV Service Zeebox Primed to Roll Out New Version of App

BERLIN — Companion TV app Zeebox is slated to introduce a new update in the coming weeks that will better incorporate interactivity and ads into the service, says Michael Slater with the iOS team at Zeebox, during an interview at The Europas tech awards event in Berlin. Those tweaks will include a new design, a synchronized ad […]


FOX Launches Complete Second Screen Experience On The Tablet

LAS VEGAS — Television viewers’ desire for second screen content is on the rise and Fox has embraced this desire with the launch of FOX NOW, a dedicated second screen experience on iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Samsung Connected TVs, Windows 8 tablets and PCs.  At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES, Hardie Tankersley, VP Digital Platforms […]


ConnecTV Unveils Second Screen Ad Network At CES

LAS VEGAS — ConnecTV, a social network for TV fans, and marketing promotions and tune-in market for everything TV, has unveiled their own second screen ad network, ConnecTV Ad Sync.  The network will deliver ads to second screen devices that compliment television content or ads, in real time.


ACR Platform Civolution Partners With DG To Monetize Second Screen Apps

LAS VEGAS — As demand for and usage of second screen apps grows, a shift towards the monetization of these apps can be seen.  To this end, Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform Civolution has partnered with ad management and distribution platform DG.  We had the opportunity to speak with Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra at the […]


KIT Digital Turns Video Ads Into Retail Experience With Ad Locker

LAS VEGAS — As second screen technology continues to evolve, consumer desire for the second screen experience is on the rise and video software and services company KIT Digital is at the forefront of this evolution.  At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES we had the opportunity to talk with KIT Digital’s Global Lead Analyst, […]


‘CBS Connect’ App Brings Second Screen Content To iPad

LAS VEGAS – As networks and television content creators strive to reach audiences on a deeper level, the second screen has become an integral part of television broadcast experience.  At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES, we had the opportunity to talk with keynote speaker Rob Gelick, Senior Vice President and General Manager at CBS […]


VH1’s Sacher: Social TV is the New Reality of Television as 80 Percent of Viewers Use a Second Screen

Some 80 percent of viewers of VH1 programming use a mobile device (phone,tablet, laptop) while watching, says Dan Sacher, SVP for Digital at VH1 in this interview with Beet.TV


The Future TV Remote Control is a Tablet, Says Analyst Alan Wolk

With Google's new IP-delivered TV service in Kansas City, and the anticipated launch of the Apple TV "dual app" scenario, the home remote control is inexorably moving to a tablet, says Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst at Kit Digital, in this interview with Beet.TV


Ex Machina Has Deal to Bring Live Polling to Zeebox Platform

Amsterdam-based Ex Machina, an interactive technology provider to TV programmers, has announced a  licensing deail with London-based Zeebox, the second-screen app developer whose product is being used  by network programmers in the U.K., U.S. and Austrailia.


Commentary: Microsoft’s SmartGlass “Second Screen” Platform for Xbox Could be Big

Microsoft is readying the launch of SmartGlass, a second screen companion app to the Xbox Live — and it could be a very significant development, says analyst Ashley Swartz in her commentary on Beet.TV


Zeebox CTO Anthony Rose: We’re Building a “Google Search Engine Equivalent, but for Live TV”

Zeebox, the second screen app,  which is being widely deployed in the U.S. by NBC Universal, FOX and HBO, will launch a “synched ad” platform in January, allowing marketers the ability to serve ads into the Zeebox app which are associated, in real-time, with the commercials on the television, says  Anthony Rose, co-founder and CTO […]


Second Screen Killer App: Predictive Gaming is the “Future of Sports Television,” Turner’s Peter Scott

While many broadcasters are experimenting with the use of the “second screen,” meaning mobile devices which provide accompanying content to TV shows, Turner Sports might have found something of killer app in the emerging medium with predictive gaming around sports programming.


Diffusion Group Partner: The Television Audience Is Fragmenting

SAN FRANCISCO — Today 41 percent of tablet owners are using their devices in front of the television on a daily basis.  At the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco, Colin Dixon, Senior Partner at The Diffusion Group, spoke with us about how the rise of the second screen is leading to […]


NBC Universal’s Bravo Debuts “Play Live,” Interactive Platform for TV Viewers

Bravo has a new interactive platform called "Play Live."  Unlike some programmers who put interactivity around shows on a mobile device, the "Play Live" appears as an interactive banner on the TV show as it is broadcast.   Viewers interact to offers by "voting" on various devices.


Commentary: Collaboration, Partnerships Vital for Smart TV Ad Biz, Analyst Swartz

SAN FRANCISCO – The smart TV business and the advertising industry need to collaborate closely on technology, standards and transparency in order for marketing in this new ecosystem to take off. That’s the conclusion of Ashley Swartz in this commentary from the recent Smart TV and Multi-Screen Advertising Summit

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