CANNES — More and more producers and broadcasters are adopting second screen strategies, but Chantal Rickards, Head of Programming & Branded Content at MEC, believes that these producers and broadcasters should be putting even more resources into the second screen—5 percent, to be exact.  We spoke with Rickards at the MIPTV Conference in Cannes to find out more.

Richards explains, “Research shows that second screen users are more loyal to the TV programs [they watch]…and it actually increases audiences.  That’s why second screen is vital to broadcasters.”  For this reason, Rickards says, “I think broadcasters should put 5 percent of their production money into the second screen.”

Rickards says that 75 percent of people watching television are now second-screening and, therefore, “it’s an incredibly important place to extend the relationship that you’ve got with your audience.”

In the video interview, Rickards elaborates on her thoughts about the importance of the second screen, providing MEC’s work with IKEA as a case study.

Megan O’Neill