LAS VEGAS — As demand for and usage of second screen apps grows, a shift towards the monetization of these apps can be seen.  To this end, Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform Civolution has partnered with ad management and distribution platform DG.  We had the opportunity to speak with Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra at the 2nd Screen Summit at CES to find out more about the partnership.

Terpstra explains that, “We see a shift now towards monetizing [second screen] platforms with advertisements, with click-throughs, and auto-functionality around advertisements.”  He says that the monetization of second screen platforms is “a critical topic for 2013.”

In order to aid in the monetization of second screen content, Civolution has partnered with DG, providing their ACR technologies, which automatically identify audio and video content in real time, to enable advertising on the second screen which is synchronized with advertising on the television in the home.

Terpstra says, “With this announcement today with DG we’re taking a big step into the monetization of these platforms by allowing the ability to run synchronized ads in a very simple way.”

Megan O’Neill