MESA’s Guy Finley On Fostering Development Of Second Screen Technology

LAS VEGAS — The 2nd Screen Summit at CES marked an "unprecedented gathering of all of the visionaries around the second screen."  We had the opportunity to speak with Guy Finley, the Executive Director of the 2nd Screen Society and MESA to find out about how the organization is helping to foster the development of […]


“Generic Girl” Creators On Producing Content For An Online Audience

LAS VEGAS — Producing content for an online audience is an entirely different ballgame from producing content for a television or film audience, thanks to the open dialogue that exists on the web between creator and consumer.  At the IAWTV Awards at CES, we spoke with Steven Wasserman and Victor Solis, the creators of live […]


Shira Lazar On What ‘What’s Trending’ Has In Store For 2013

LAS VEGAS — What’s Trending With Shira Lazar has made a name for itself as the live web show dedicated to what’s hot on the web, from YouTube videos to memes and everything in between.  We had the chance to chat with the show’s host and executive producer, Shira Lazar, on the red carpet at […]


Web Superstar Felicia Day: A Journey From Actor to YouTube Channel Mogul

LAS VEGAS — Last year Felicia Day, who began her career as an actress and made her foray into the production side of things as the creator and writer of The Guild, launched her own premium YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry. After nearly a year of running the Geek & Sundry network, we caught up […]


Web Video Prankster Mark Malkoff ‘Seeking Bill Murray’ in Latest Series Concept

LAS VEGAS — NYC-based comedian Mark Malkoff is known for online videos of his crazy stunts and shenanigans, from living on an AirTran jet for 30 days to living in IKEA for a week, visiting every Starbucks in Manhattan in a day, and more.


FOX Launches Complete Second Screen Experience On The Tablet

LAS VEGAS — Television viewers’ desire for second screen content is on the rise and Fox has embraced this desire with the launch of FOX NOW, a dedicated second screen experience on iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Samsung Connected TVs, Windows 8 tablets and PCs.  At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES, Hardie Tankersley, VP Digital Platforms […]


ConnecTV Unveils Second Screen Ad Network At CES

LAS VEGAS — ConnecTV, a social network for TV fans, and marketing promotions and tune-in market for everything TV, has unveiled their own second screen ad network, ConnecTV Ad Sync. The network will deliver ads to second screen devices that compliment television content or ads, in real time.


Rovi’s Thomas Kramer On Adoption Of The New HEVC Compression System

LAS VEGAS — At CES in Las Vegas, Rovi unveiled its plans for the adoption of the new HEVC compression system.  HEVC is the successor to H.264 and will significantly reduce bandwidth and storage costs.  We had the opportunity to find out more about HEVC from Thomas Kramer, Rovi’s VP Product Management at CES.


Rovi’s UltraViolet Initiative Brings Content To Consumers On Any Device At Any Time

LAS VEGAS — One of the biggest challenges that studios are facing today is the challenge of margin—whereas once consumers were purchasing movies on DVD and Blue Ray, today there is a trend towards renting and streaming content.  We spoke with Rovi’s VP of Entertainment, Gerald Hensley, at CES in Las Vegas to learn more […]


Rovi Insights Delve Into The Next Stage Of TV Everywhere

LAS VEGAS — This year at CES, digital entertainment technology company Rovi released the first edition of Rovi Insights, an ongoing report series on the state of digital entertainment and TV Everywhere. We had the opportunity to find out more about Rovi Insights, as well as Rovi’s approach to the future of TV Everywhere, from […]


ACR Platform Civolution Partners With DG To Monetize Second Screen Apps

LAS VEGAS — As demand for and usage of second screen apps grows, a shift towards the monetization of these apps can be seen. To this end, Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform Civolution has partnered with ad management and distribution platform DG. We had the opportunity to speak with Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra at the […]


KIT Digital Turns Video Ads Into Retail Experience With Ad Locker

LAS VEGAS — As second screen technology continues to evolve, consumer desire for the second screen experience is on the rise and video software and services company KIT Digital is at the forefront of this evolution. At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES we had the opportunity to talk with KIT Digital’s Global Lead Analyst, […]


Hannah Hart Raises $150,000 On Indiegogo To Take YouTube Show On The Road

LAS VEGAS — Hanna Hart aka Harto on YouTube has raised over $150,000 on Indiegogo to take her YouTube show "My Drunk Kitchen" on the road.  We spoke with her about the campaign and what she has in store for the tour at the IAWTV Awards at CES.


‘Husbands’ Web Series Creators Talk Shop At The IAWTV Awards

LAS VEGAS — ‘Husbands’ is a popular made-for-web sitcom created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell and directed by Jeff Greenstein.  The show is unique in that it is created and produced by television industry veterans and at the IAWTV Awards at CES we had the opportunity to glean some insight on how producing for […]


‘CBS Connect’ App Brings Second Screen Content To iPad

LAS VEGAS – As networks and television content creators strive to reach audiences on a deeper level, the second screen has become an integral part of television broadcast experience. At the 2nd Screen Summit at CES, we had the opportunity to talk with keynote speaker Rob Gelick, Senior Vice President and General Manager at CBS […]


Dijit’s NextGuide Has Guide for TV and Streaming Programming

Television has evolved from a live form of entertainment to one with live, time-shifting, on demand and streaming options. San Francisco-based Dijit has created a digital TV guide app called NextGuide to help viewers keep up with television content discovery across live TV, streaming and more.


Educator Laurie Burruss: Video In The Classroom Empowers Students

BERLIN — Today video is accessible to everyone, which makes it the perfect tool for education.  At the Online Educa conference in Berlin Laurie Burruss, senior director of education at, spoke with us about what makes video such a great tool for learning, how the field is evolving, and how she’s seen students react […]


Video Arts CEO: “The role of video has changed”

BERLIN — Founded by actor John Cleese in 1972, Video Arts has been at the forefront of video training and education. At the Online Educa conference in Berlin, CEO Martin Addison spoke with us about how the role of video has changed since Video Arts launched thirty years ago.


Kaltura Brings Video To Learning Management Systems Blackboard, Moodle

BERLIN — "Video is the future," says Sergio Cardoso, EMEA Account Director at Kaltura, "and the way that we are enhancing teaching and learning is that we are giving the ability for students…and teachers to share [the learning] experience via video."  At the Online Educa conference in Berlin, Cardoso spoke with us about Kaltura’s new […]


Tinopolis’ Programming Head Touts Video as Powerful Learning Tool

BERLIN — "People have always been using film as a tool for learning," says Adam Salkeld, Head of Programming at Britains' big TV production house Tinopolis. 

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