LAS VEGAS — This year at CES, digital entertainment technology company Rovi released the first edition of Rovi Insights, an ongoing report series on the state of digital entertainment and TV Everywhere.  We had the opportunity to find out more about Rovi Insights, as well as Rovi’s approach to the future of TV Everywhere, from Rovi’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ray DeRenzo.

DeRenzo tells Beet.TV correspondent Ashley Swartz that Rovi Insights provides “the Rovi view of the next stage of TV Everywhere.”  He explains, “It talks about user experience, it talks about device optimization, it talks about taking a look at a younger demographic to really understand trend spotting and how to predict how the future of television will evolve.”

Rovi Insights also includes commentary about Rovi’s current position in this market, as well as the outlook for a concept that the company is referring to as Entertainment Unbound.  DeRenzo explains that Entertainment Unbound is about the “natural evolution of TV Everywhere.”  With Entertainment Unboand, “Instead of delivering content to a platform it’s delivering content to a person, and that individual has the ability to interact with that content on any device, given context, time of day, and situation, and it’s an optimized experience for that individual.”

Editor’s Note: This video was produced as part of a series of videos sponsored Rovi