Jaman brings 3,500 indie, international films online

LOS ANGELES–The online movie distribution company Jaman has made a niche for itself in the online film distribution market, focusing on indie and international films rather than big Hollywood hits. The site offers 3,500 films–the kind that do well at film festivals, like The World’s Fastest Indian and Redacted. Films can usually be rented for […]


Google Readying Analysis of World’s “One Trillion” Images

As it seeks to monetize the exploding universe of uploaded images to the Web, which Google says is nearing one trillion, it is developing image processing to more effectively search and organize images.    Presently,  photos are  indexed primarily by text and other metadata. In May, Google announced plans to begin matching images from its […]


JibJab Media Gets Serious with Paid Business Model…10 Million e-Cards Sold

LOS ANGELES–JibJab Media, widely known for its political parody This Land, created the first viral Web video way back in 2000.  Having established a recognized online brand, the company has evolved into a subscription business with customized e-cards and other forms form branded mash-ups. Evidently people are willing to pay for the service. JibJab’s Sendables […]


Multimedia Search Engine Created in Lawrence Berkeley Labs Shows Dramatic Growth

LOS ANGELES–The multimedia "playable" search engine Seeqpod has attracted 5.5 million unique monthly users over the past year, according to internal numbers provided to Beet.TV. Through affiliates and an API, that number will likely double this year, a company spokesperson told us. The search engine technology was developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.  It […]


International Olympics Committee Issues Unprecedented Restrictions on Digital Coverage of Beijing Games

There might be a record number of video cameras in Beijing this summer, but the vamped up restrictions on digital rights the International Olympic Committee announced earlier this week will leave squadrons of TV teams and citizens journalists with a lot less to cover. NBC paid a record $894 million for rights to broadcast the […]

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