Jun Group: Opt-In Mobile Video Ad Consumption Quickly Growing

Jun Group, an opt-in video platform that helps brands drive video views on video content, has seen siazable growth in mobile over the past couple of years.  At the Beet.TV executive retreat earlier this month, we spoke with CEO Mitchell Reichgut who spoke about this mobile boom, as well as how Jun Group’s service works.


Bravo’s Lisa Hsia On Keeping Viewers Engaged, 7 Days A Week

Thanks to social media, digital content and the second screen, networks are able to engage television viewers on a new level.  At the Beet.TV executive retreat earlier this month, we heard from Lisa Hsia, EVP, Digital Media at Bravo, who told us about how the NBCUniversal-owned cable channel is tapping into these channels to provide […]


In the latest deal underscoring Nielsen’s digital reach, online video platform Videology will integrate Nielsen’s Online Campaign Rating

Online video advertising is still in its infancy and earlier this month thought-leaders came together at the Beet.TV executive retreat to discuss where this nascent industry is headed.  In her keynote speech, Ashley Swartz, CEO of Furious Minds, spoke about the emergence of this new advertising format and offered up some key takeaways—”The 10 C’s”—on […]


Dailymotion Finds Ad Upside in Custom Work with Brands

In the U.S. market, global video portal Dailymotion has embraced brand-sponsored programming as a way to differentiate itself and scale revenue.  In a video interview at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat, Dailymotions’ SVP of Sales, Joe Tartaglia, states, “The video landscape is really competitive, so for us to be able to work with brands directly […]


Agency Trading Desk Xaxis Buys Audiences Rather Than Media

Xaxis, GroupM’s “agency trading desk,” is focused on transforming data into audience portraits.  Christina Beaumier, VP of Global Client Development at Xaxis, says, “We aggregate all of GroupM’s demand for audiences and then reach out into the marketplace to find the right inventory for those audiences.”  In this session from the recent Beet.TV executive retreat, […]


AOL Videos Scales Online as Some Shows Move to Television

Video is growing quickly at AOL.  The company is now streaming around 700 million videos a month and reaching about 42 million unique viewers.  “If you think about the scale, these are actually TV numbers,” Tal Simantov, General Manager of AOL On, told us in an interview at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat.


Kaltura Finds its Groove with Open Source Video Play

“Kaltura is the first and only open source video platform,” says CEO Ron Yekutiel.  In an interview at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat, Yekutiel spoke with us about Kaltura’s structure and the benefits of open source video.


Video Services Provider Katura Finds Big Upside in Enterprise and Higher Ed Customers

When open source video platform Kaltura first launched. it appealed primarily to the media vertical, as the media industry was the first to use video online.


TURNING POINT IN RTB: “The Real Time Bidding Story Is Evolving To Become The Real Time Buying Story,” Forrester’s O’Connell

VIEQUES, PR — The traditional way of thinking about online advertising exchanges is evolving, says Joanna O’Connell, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.


Digital Video at a Crossroads: A Time of Collaboration & Co-Creation, Analyst Ashley Swartz

VIEQUES, Puerto Rico — Last week, thought leaders in online video advertising came together to discuss the problems, the challenges and the opportunities of the industry at the Beet Retreat 2013.  In this wrap-up video Ashely Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds, discusses the main thematics that came through in the panels and conversations.


Innovid CTO Tal Chalozin: Advertisers Find Value Interactive Video Ads

VIEQUES, Puerto Rico — Innovid, leader in interactive online video advertising, has just released their 2012 Q4 Benchmark review, providing insight into the effectiveness of interactive video advertising.  The company’s co-founder and CTO, Tal Chalozin, shared some of the key findings of Innovid’s benchmark at the Beet Retreat 2013 in Vieques, Puerto Rico.


DirecTV Partners With FreeWheel To Offer Seamless Video Advertising For Programmers

As part of efforts to evolve the DirecTV Everywhere service and help advertisers reach customers on digital and mobile devices, DirecTV has partnered with leading video advertising technology provider FreeWheel.


Magine Plans to Reinvent TV for “Modern” Viewers

BERLIN — “Television has been the same for the last fifty years or so,” says Mattias Hjelmstedt, co-founder of Magine, a Stockholm-based entertainment platform that has gone “back to the drawing board” to think about “what television would look like if it was invented today.”  We spoke with Hjelmstedt and Magine CEO Erik Wikström at […]


Kudan Co-Founder: “There’s A Huge Opportunity For Advertisers In Augmented Reality”

BERLIN — Augmented reality is "a really exciting growth space at the moment," says Tom Wood, Commercial Director and Co-Founder of mobile augmented reality agency Kudan.  We had the opportunity to speak with Wood at the at The Europas in Berlin to find out more about how the company is working with advertisers to integrate […]


Equilibrium CEO On EQ Network, The Company’s HD Social Video Network

Automated systems pioneer Equilibrium broke into the social video game with the launch of EQ Network at SXSW last year.  EQ Network is the world’s first HD social video network and we had the opportunity to speak with CEO Sean Barger earlier this month the 2nd Screen Summit at CES to find out more about […]


Crane.tv CEO On Monetizing Online Video Through Branded Content Marketing

BERLIN — Crane.tv, an online video-magazine for contemporary culture, has made the online video revolution economically viable with a profitable business model that revolves around creating, distributing and monetizing high quality online video content.  We had the opportunity to speak with CEO Constantin Bjerke at The Europas in Berlin to find out more about the […]


Personalized Discovery Engine Foundd Takes A New Approach To Content Recommendation

BERLIN — The growing number of on demand entertainment options has made choosing a movie or television show a chore.  Personalized discovery engine Foundd  is taking a new approach to content recommendation, taking the pain out of deciding what to watch.  We spoke with Foundd founder and CEO, Lasse Clausen, at The Europas in Berlin […]


Delivery Agent Partners With Samsung, Brings Contextually Relevant Shopping To Smart TVs

San Francisco-based commerce company Delivery Agent announced a partnership with Samsung as the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.  We had the opportunity to speak with Delivery Agent SVP Sales & Business Development, Jody Stark, at the at the 2nd Screen Summit at CES to find out more about the partnership.


‘Vampires’ Creators On Producing Documentary-Style Content For The Web

‘Vampires’ is a documentary web series about a group of people in New Orleans who believe themselves to be vampires.  We caught up with the show’s creators, David Schatanoff, Austin Smoak and Dan Ast, at the IAWTV Awards at CES to glean some advice on producing documentary content for a web audience.


Beet Commentary: The Challenges and Rewards Of Advanced TV Advertising

LAS VEGAS — "Audiences are changing—they’re not watching just television anymore.  They’re multi-tasking," says Beet.TV contributor  Ashely Swartz.  As a result, advertising is changing as well.  Swartz reports from the Rovi booth at CES about the growing need for interactive, data-driven ad delivery and how Rovi’s multi-screen advertising solutions play into that demand.

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