LAS VEGAS — "Audiences are changing—they’re not watching just television anymore.  They’re multi-tasking," says Beet.TV contributor  Ashely Swartz.  As a result, advertising is changing as well.  Swartz reports from the Rovi booth at CES about the growing need for interactive, data-driven ad delivery and how Rovi’s multi-screen advertising solutions play into that demand.

Swartz says that advertising is no longer about buying media—it’s about "being part of the entertainment experience."  But advertisers are facing a challenge when it comes to understanding their users and creating value and truly meaningful advertising experiences for these users.

Swartz explains that, "you have to recognize what device and how that user is using that device and what that user’s paradigm is when you’re delivering a marketing message, and that is challenging."  Finding solutions that help brands and marketers understand this usage paradigm is imperative when it comes to creating successful multi-screen advertising campaigns.

Rovi’s solution is helping brands embrace this nascent form of engaging advertising and, Swartz says, "We’re seeing that, when there is an immediate response path and there is an opportunity to react with ads and with brands…audiences actually do interact."

Megan O’Neill

Editor's Note: This video was produced as part of a series of videos sponsored Rovi