BERLIN — Today video is accessible to everyone, which makes it the perfect tool for education.  At the Online Educa conference in Berlin Laurie Burruss, senior director of education at, spoke with us about what makes video such a great tool for learning, how the field is evolving, and how she’s seen students react to supplemental video content in the classroom.

As a professor, Burruss says that using video tutorials from the library in the classroom really freed her up.  She says she could use video tutorials to supplement her own focus on principles and fundamentals "with different voices in the classroom—almost like having virtual TAs."

The response she has seen from students is great as well.  "My students were delighted that they had access to material 24/7 … and they could go over and over it again, they could experiment, they could try the adjacent possibilities and wander through the library and start developing their own learning paths and understand how they learn.  It changed everything and I saw them become more empowered."

Megan O’Neill