BERLIN — Founded by actor John Cleese in 1972, Video Arts has been at the forefront of video training and education. At the Online Educa conference in Berlin, CEO Martin Addison spoke with us about how the role of video has changed since Video Arts launched thirty years ago.

Addison says, “The role of video has changed. When we began it was very much a specialist market and the cost of entry of having a film camera was very high. That’s changed completely now. All of us have the potential to be filmmakers with a camera that we have in our pocket on our smartphone.”

Online streaming, tablets, smartphones and mobile devices have made educational video content even more accessible and, as a result, the desire for video in education has grown. “In the realm of learning there’s been a drive in recent times to look at creating engaging, bite-sized pieces of learning, and nothing works like video to tell a story or illustrate a point with a short piece of video in a short way.”

Megan O’Neill