The increasing integration of CTV into programmatic channels is not accidental; it’s a move driven by the pursuit of precision and comprehensive measurement.

“We’re seeing more CTV in programmatic these days because of the precision that programmatic brings in the measurement,” explains Jen Kisling, VP, Programmatic Sales at Paramount.

“More than half of our business now is activated through a programmatic deal. We’re actually bringing a lot of solutions to the buyers to enable the audience reach and frequency that they want.”

Despite this growth, the upfront market—a traditional mainstay of advertising deals—has been slow to fully embrace programmatic’s potential.

“The challenge with the upfront and programmatic is that upfronts historically are all about guaranteed placements,” Kisling says. “We’ve had to evolve and shift our thinking of how programmatic and biddable (advertising) fits into our guaranteed structure.”

This evolution is still underway, with complexities and fragmentation in programmatic offerings seen as stumbling blocks. “It’s not bringing all those answers to the clients,” she adds, pointing to the need for a more streamlined, all-encompassing programmatic solution.

Embracing Audience-Based Buying Strategies

When it comes to audience-based buying strategies and leveraging first-party identifiers, Kissling says Paramount is proactive and adaptive to client needs.

“Paramount has really embraced whatever solutions our clients are looking for,” Kisling notes.

“We’re actively passing identifiers in the bidstream for all of our biddable clients that include UID and RampIDs.” This move aligns with the core of what programmatic advertising stands for: targeted advertising, especially in the CTV landscape.

The Excitement for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Kissling’s enthusiasm is palpable as she discusses the potential for programmatic to delve deeper into the marketing funnel.

“What excites me about programmatic in 2024 is the idea of bringing more kind of lower funnel tactics to programmatic,” she reveals.

Paramount has launched EyeQ, a holistic CTV offering originally focused on upper funnel activity. With the advent of retail media, the company is poised to explore more lower funnel strategies. “I’m very excited to see where this is going to take us,” Kissling states.

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