Programmatic advertising has been steadily migrating from its web display origins to the new connected TV (CTV) screen.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel, says she has noticed an uptick in enthusiasm.

But, still, there is work to be done to take programmatic to the heights Loria believes it can reach.

A Confident Leap into Programmatic

“What’s working in premium CTV programmatic is a shift in the perspective of publishers where they’ve really grown their confidence in the space,” Loria tells Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein.

Despite publishers “fervently embracing the value proposition of programmatic”, the marketplace has yet to fully embrace programmatic, with Loria highlighting that “of all the CTV impressions, only 35% are transacted programmatically.”

This shows there is significant room for growth. However, Loria is quick to note that “the good news is that notion that programmatic is low ball, CPM or a race to the bottom has been dispelled,” allowing the industry to focus on more pressing issues like cross-screen measurement and data fragmentation.

The Role of Relationships in Complex Programmatic Spaces

In the intricate world of programmatic advertising, Loria emphasizes the paramount importance of relationships. “Relationships in the programmatic space are more important than ever,” she says, revealing that these connections help in “moving obstacles out of the road” and require “a collective think between publishers, between the buy side, the sell side, the tech partner.”

Without trust, which stems from strong relationships, it becomes challenging to address and rectify what’s broken. Loria asserts that at FreeWheel, they place “a very high value” on relationships, not only because they are crucial for business but also because “they’re the best part of the job” and “what makes the business fun.”

Overcoming Programmatic CTV Challenges

FreeWheel is a technology company that provides ad management solutions for the television industry. Its platform enables media companies to monetize content across broadcast and digital channels.

The company’s services include ad serving, inventory management, and data analytics, which help to facilitate the buying and selling of media advertising space.

Loria acknowledges the challenges that remain, such as dispelling myths around programmatic advertising.

With barriers like “cross-screen measurement, data fragmentation, visibility into brand safety” now taking center stage, the focus has shifted toward solving the right problems.

This clarity in purpose is seen as a positive step towards harnessing the full potential of programmatic CTV.

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