The landscape of Connected TV (CTV) is evolving rapidly, with programmatic pathways becoming increasingly populated by premium content.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jean Fitzpatrick, SVP of Performance Partnerships at MAGNA Global, shares her insights on why more high-quality CTV inventory is flowing into programmatic channels and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

The key to success, she says, lies in fostering cross-functional expertise and leveraging first-party data responsibly.

Premium CTV Finds Its Programmatic Stride

“The maturity in the space has really primed premium CTV for programmatic,” Fitzpatrick explains.

As the industry grapples with the impending obsolescence of cookies, she notes that “we’ve had to come up with new signals to develop audiences on, which has been very well primed for the CTV space.”

Fitzpatrick adds that there’s an appreciation for the “efficiencies that you can get, not only with less waste, but also by being able to use a platform that gives you tons of data back and a great measurement story.”

Upfronts and Programmatic: Bridging the Gap

Despite progress, the upfront market has not fully embraced programmatic CTV. Fitzpatrick sees a significant learning curve for the industry.

“Both sides are maturing, but still the devil is in the details,” she says. She envisions a future where cross-functional collaboration bridges the gap between traditional linear planning and performance-driven programmatic execution.

“Bringing each other across to help with, maybe it’s bringing your programmatic person to help you in your negotiation with the publisher,” suggests Fitzpatrick, highlighting the need for integrated teams.

The First-Party Data Imperative

In the realm of audience-based buying, first-party data reigns supreme, especially in CTV. “Those that have access to first-party data are doing a lot of work right now to make sure that they have a clean and safe environment,” Fitzpatrick asserts.

She acknowledges the challenges in activating first-party data due to cost and the complexity of understanding audiences across platforms. Yet, she emphasizes the importance of diligence and care: “We have to be incredibly careful with how we use first-party data.”

MAGNA Global is a strategic media investment and intelligence company. The organization functions as a resource for market insights, trend analysis, and strategic development, aiding advertisers and agencies in media buying and planning decisions.

Fitzpatrick’s outlook for programmatic CTV in 2024 is marked by optimism. She predicts a surge in the adoption of Private Marketplaces (PMPs). “Marketers have moved from direct IOs into programmatic guarantee and started to test the water,” she says, noting that there’s a budding trust between advertisers and publishers.

As this trust solidifies, Fitzpatrick believes marketers are ready for more bid-based buying. “People are more prepared for what’s to come. They’ve seen some of these challenges in the past and they’ve had success,” she concludes.

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