In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, the allure of premium Connected TV (CTV) content is proving irresistible for programmatic advertising.

In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein, Rob Hazan, VP of Product, Streaming TV at Index Exchange, shares his insights on why premium CTV is making its mark and what challenges lie ahead.

The Allure of Premium CTV Content

“You have all of the richness of traditional linear TV with the scale and addressability of programmatic,” explains Hazan, pinpointing the crux of CTV’s growing appeal.

Advertisers are drawn to the high-quality content and the sophisticated targeting capabilities that programmatic advertising offers.

This combination is a potent one, promising to deliver ads that resonate more deeply with viewers through a medium that has, until now, been dominated by traditional broadcast methods.

Rethinking the Commercial Break

The commercial break in the CTV domain is undergoing a transformation, with Hazan suggesting a holistic approach.

“We think about the commercial break… as a pod,” he says, emphasizing the need for a seamless viewing experience. The idea is to construct ad pods flexibly, allowing publishers to create a balance between user experience and monetization.

“We exist as a technology partner to help them do that,” Hazan adds, stressing Index Exchange’s role in bridging demand and helping publishers harness the full potential of their ad inventory.

Standardization as the Key to Progress

Despite the momentum, the journey towards a fully programmatic CTV landscape is not without its hurdles. Hazan identifies a significant barrier: “There’s still a lot of standardization to do between the various parties in the ad tech supply chain.”

The industry’s quest to replicate the high-quality experience of traditional TV in the digital realm is contingent on developing shared protocols and communication mechanisms, Hazan says.

He thinks this standardization is essential to elevating the quality and consistency of CTV commercial breaks.

Facilitating a Rich Ecosystem

Index Exchange is a technology company operating in the digital advertising space. It provides a platform for automated, real-time bidding on advertising inventory, facilitating transactions between publishers and advertisers.

As the ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, with DSPs, SSPs, publishers, and agencies all vying for their piece of the pie, Hazan asserts Index Exchange’s clear stance. “Our primary stakeholder is the publisher,” he states.

By positioning itself as a marketplace that connects premium supply with sophisticated demand, Index Exchange wants to foster an environment where all parties can excel.

“We let each party bring their best to this marketplace,” says Hazan, highlighting the importance of collaboration in the pursuit of a thriving programmatic marketplace.