Paramount’s Daly Wants To Be The Cultural Compass For Marketers

MIAMI — Marketers once had a straightforward mission: understand the audience, devise a campaign, and deliver it, mostly through TV spots. The multi-platform era of fragmentation has changed all that, and Lydia Daly is trying to understand the new world. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Daly, SVP, Audience Impact & Intelligence, Paramount, paints a contrasting picture […]


Premium CTV Takes the Programmatic Stage: Paramount’s Kisling Says Precision Making In-Roads

The increasing integration of CTV into programmatic channels is not accidental; it’s a move driven by the pursuit of precision and comprehensive measurement. “We’re seeing more CTV in programmatic these days because of the precision that programmatic brings in the measurement,” explains Jen Kisling, VP, Programmatic Sales at Paramount. “More than half of our business […]


Identity Is Paramount For Paramount: Scoles Offers Advertisers Real Audiences

SAN JUAN, PR — As the industry heads into another upfront TV ad sales season, some may be expecting the familiar pattern of publishers pitching their creative opportunities. While that may still be the case, Travis Scoles is expecting audience identity and new-wave measurement capabilities to take center-stage. As senior vice president of advanced advertising […]


Embracing Change: The Future of Advanced Advertising is Transparent, Adaptable and Exciting: Paramount’s Scoles

Big tech platforms may have an arsenal of advertising tools at their disposal – but the evolving TV pathway has something unique up its sleeve. That is according to Travis Scoles, SVP, Advanced Advertising, Paramount. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Scholes opens up on the evolution of connected TV advertising’s capabilities. Transparency as a […]


Paramount’s Travis Scoles: TV Needs to Embrace Complexity While Breaking Down Silos

TV advertising is becoming more complicated. At the same time, TV ad buying and selling needs to become much simpler. That’s why Paramount is looking to bring together its sales teams to better reflect advertisers’ budgets and needs, while also striving to not over complicate things. Thus, the media giant is, “thinking about total video […]


This Time, It’s Different: Paramount Excited To Take Alt Currencies Beyond Ads

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — After years of trying, the TV industry’s long quest to embrace alternative measurement and currency methods has blossomed. Now it’s time to roll out the tech for the next upfront TV ad sales season. But Paramount doesn’t just want to use the new vendors to quantify cross-platform ad views  – […]


Evolution To A Basket Of Currencies: Paramount’s Scoles

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The business of TV ad-buying is fast transforming itself from one which was reliant on Nielsen as a single arbiter of viewer numbers. With Nielsen’s MRC accreditation still paused, more broadcasters are testing out alternative currency and measurement solutions. In this video interview with Furious Corp CEO Ashley Swarts at […]


USC’s Jeff Cole Evaluates Streaming Services, Trend Toward Movie Ticket Subscriptions

PHOENIX – A self-described “historian of Hollywood,” the Director of the Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg School believes services like MoviePass are nudging the U.S. movie industry toward a subscription model for ticket sales. “I was fascinated by MoviePass,” says Jeff Cole in this interview with Beet.TV at the IAB Annual Leadership […]