Adtech company Infillion in the past year acquired MediaMath and began to re-establish the adtech pioneer by integrating its technology with its own programmatic brands. The automated buying and selling of advertising will continue to grow as marketers seek to harness customer data more effectively.

“The transition to first-party data and cookieless solutions…really provides opportunities for personalization and for privacy-conscious advertising strategies,” Gabe Paton, head of client activation at adtech company Infillion, said in this interview with Lisa Granatstein, editorial director of Beet.TV.

In returning to MediaMath and new parent Infillion, Paton said he’s seeing strong collaborations among their combined teams.

“It’s been a tremendous experience so far,” Paton said. “Infillion traditionally did a lot of managed service. They continued to do that, and they leveraged various DSPs. Now, bringing their own DSP tech in-house…just makes sense. It provides their clients with a very cohesive solution.”

Adoption of programmatic advertising has expanded into emerging markets such as Latin America. Brazil and Mexico are both strong, while Argentina and Colombia are gaining momentum, Paton said.

“There’s been an increase in digital users year over year,” Paton said. “This presents a lot of marketing opportunities, higher demand for advertisers to create targeted campaigns.”