Adtech company Infillion in the past year acquired MediaMath and began an effort to re-establish the adtech pioneer by integrating its technology with its own programmatic brands such as TrueX, NeXt and InStadium.

“The TrueX side of our house is the bespoke opt-in creative solutions. When it comes to the MediaMath side, it’s really exciting for us to start exploring this because we’re starting to leverage and look at the programmatic ecosystem and how this bespoke attention model can fit into that,” Michael Colella, senior vice president and executive producer of the creative studio at Infillion, said in this interview with Lisa Granatstein, editorial director of Beet.TV.

The combination of ad creative and media buying is strengthened with the application of consumer and audience data.

“You need to leverage data to make informed decisions for creative,” Colella said. “We are able to now take all of this extensive research and be able to develop creative that can target a certain device, KPI, in different parts of the funnel.”

The idea of “creative as a service” can be realized with the development of solutions that offer flexibility to advertisers in their campaigns.

“Creative as a service to me is identifying in different creative solutions and services with optionality for clients,” Colella said. “We’re exploring solutions now.”