Amy Armstrong’s health journey started 12 years ago when she learned she has a very rare dominant gene related to cancer called CDH1, which links to stomach and breast cancer for women.

 Armstrong had been proactive, followed through on screenings and was diagnosed “in the nick of time,” first with stomach cancer then later breast cancer, undergoing 20 surgeries to date. 

“There were times when I couldn’t come back to work – either physically wasn’t ready, mentally, I was really struggling, and so [IPG], the company I worked for at the time, said take the time to get better, your job’s here, whatever you need,” recalls Armstrong, who is currently Director of Global Customer Development, Amazon Ads. “I was very lucky to have such great support,” she told Beet.TV’s Lisa Granatstein.

Armstrong was one of several incredible executives honored May 2 at the second annual Women in Media & Marketing Awards Luncheon at JPMorgan Chase Headquarters in New York benefiting Beet.TV sat down with Armstrong, who was the recipient of the Individual Advocate Award.

Armstrong said she was grateful to IPG for its unwavering support and to Amazon Ads for providing a platform to advocate for others. 

“Also, having an organization like that recognizes all the stages you go through on a journey with breast cancer, and it’s a great place for knowledge, to connect with people and get accurate information. It builds a community, and you know that you’re not alone.”

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Written by Lisa Granatstein, Beet.TV