In an era where the digital advertising industry is fraught with concerns over measurement, Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-founder of Samba TV, is seeking to address the unmeasured.

Now Samba is partnering with a purchase data company to plug the gap.

In this video interview with Beet.TV at Advertising Week New York, Navin explains how his company aims to fill in the data gaps.

Path to Purchase

In October, Samba TV announced a relationship with Affinity Solutions, a company that holds data from 140 million US credit and debit card holders, leveraging Affinity’s Purchase Media Metrics (PMM) data to derive cross-platform return on ad spend (ROAS) information.

Going live next year, this partnership will, according to Navin, allow Samba TV to “match our 50 million households of TVs that we have globally with credit card data and to be able to reveal what’s the relationship between what people buy and what people watch”.

This, he believes, will provide a “fascinating combination” of data that has never been explored to such an extent, allowing them to focus on the causality between media consumption and purchasing behaviour.

Navin says, “media owners, media investors can now actually take advantage of this data, both to reveal the value of media and advertising from a measurement standpoint, as well as to build audiences.”

‘The Golden Age of Measurement’: Samba TV’s Vision for Cross-Platform Analytics

An ‘Anti-Wall Garden’ Approach

Samba TV is a company that specializes in data-driven television and video advertising. It offers a range of services that utilize technology to collect and analyze viewership data, enabling advertisers to deliver targeted ads to specific audiences.

While Samba TV has traditionally been known for its work in Connected TV (CTV), Navin reveals it is expanding its scope to digital media. “We found that there was a really awesome opportunity with TV data to be applied not only to CTV, but to all digital inventory and even to be more data-driven in our linear campaigns,” he says.

Navin describes Samba TV as “anti-walled garden,” with its data available in all environments, from digital to CTV and linear.

Their partnership with Fandango allows them to understand the relationship between advertising, promotion of entertainment, and consumption.

“We can measure anything as it relates to entertainment, promotion, and marketing,” Navin says.