AI Can Help Marketers Adapt to Post-Cookie World: Epsilon’s Joe Doran

NEW YORK – Amid growing concerns about data privacy, marketers have worked the past few years to wean themselves from tracking cookies that help to target online audiences with advertising. This process not only has made first-party data collected directly from consumers more important, but also the technologies such as artificial intelligence to help extract […]


Connected Television, Retail Media Are Key Growth Areas:’s Frost Prioleau

NEW YORK – Connected television is becoming the most important video platform for advertisers with the adoption of programmatic media buying. These automated transactions will depend on a variety of supporting technologies to help brands identify the households they want to reach while also respecting consumer privacy. “CTV remains a super exciting area for us,” […]


AI’s Under-Hyped Ad Impacts Can Be A Game-Changer: Moloco’s Simon

In a world where everyone is talking about AI, David Simon, GM for Growth Initiatives at Moloco, believes the real transformative technology is often overlooked. While generative AI and chat continue to garner headlines, Simon thinks machine learning (ML), which is the fabric of much of AI, could has enormous potential in relatively unsexy areas […]


Data-Driven Advertising Can Hit All Parts of Purchase Funnel: PMX’s Jay Askinasi

NEW YORK – The popularity of internet-connected devices has given marketers more pathways to consumers, but the precious attention of those audiences is equally divided. This splintering of the media landscape has pushed advertisers to develop cross-platform strategies. “The advanced video ecosystem is highly fragmented, confusing for a lot of clients,” Jay Askinasi, chief executive […]


Outcomes Are Evolving: Affinity Solutions’ Stephanie Geno

In a world where outcomes-driven measurement has dominated the media landscape, the definition of outcomes has evolved significantly. “It used to be outcomes was e-commerce because you could easily track what people were buying online,” Geno says in this interview with Beet.TV at Advertising Week New York. “Then outcomes became store traffic because you could […]


Inside Ad Supply Path Optimization, With MiQ’s Lara Koenig

At this point in the evolution of digital advertising, there is an increasing focus on supply path optimization (SPO), as companies aim to maximize their ad efficiency. But, beneath the acronym, how does SPO actually work, and how does it translate to connected TV advertising? Lara Koenig, Global Head of Product, MiQ, says there are […]


Cutting Carbon Emissions of Ad Business Is Group Effort: Sharethrough’s Frank Maguire

NEW YORK – Advertising agencies are broadening their mandates to limit the negative effect of marketing activities on the Earth’s natural resources. Amid those efforts, suppliers of services throughout the marketing supply chain are looking to help reduce its carbon footprint. “We’ve been taking a really big approach to sustainability at Sharethrough since…the end of […]


Addressable TV Is Growing Up: Ampersand’s Anastasia Dukes-Asuen

Once upon a time, “addressable TV” signified linear TV platforms that had engineered a way to enable targetability. The emergence of fully internet-enabled connected TV systems has meant a massive upgrade over that vision of addressability. Yet “addressable” is still an expanding area, Anastasia Dukes-Asuen, Sr. Director, Advanced TV Data & Insights, Ampersand, tells Beet.TV […]


Samba TV Taps Purchase Data To Measure Cross-Platform ROAS

In an era where the digital advertising industry is fraught with concerns over measurement, Ashwin Navin, CEO & Co-founder of Samba TV, is seeking to address the unmeasured. Now Samba is partnering with a purchase data company to plug the gap. In this video interview with Beet.TV at Advertising Week New York, Navin explains how […]


One Transparency Standard Needed for Premium Video Industry: VAB’s Cunningham

After a year in which a report warned YouTube ad buyers may fall foul of brand safety concerns, a member body representing video, TV and ad-tech companies says the industry needs to consolidate its different transparency standards. This summer’s Adalytics study came before a recent ANA research piece found widespread programmatic supply chain transparency concerns. […]


LiveRamp Integrates IDs With Yahoo In Multi-Identity Interoperability Push

If the idea of letting a multitude of identity technologies bloom is going to yield favor rather than fragmentation, the industry will hope that those standards can rapidly integrate. That is just what LiveRamp has been doing, signing its latest deal to create interoperability for its own solutions and those of Yahoo ConnectID. In this […]