CANNES — The last couple of years has seen a veritable Cambrian explosion in alternative TV currencies.

Right now, many a broadcaster is implementing a solution to add to or replace Nielsen for the multi-platform world.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tara Gotch, EVP, Commercial, Comscore, explains what that roll-out entails, and why it is spreading to more parts of the industry than many might have expected.

Up-skill for Multi-currency

This shift entails a ‘multicurrency’ transition, a process that requires changes at both strategic and operational levels.

It’s not just about theoretical changes; it’s a ‘hands-on-keys’ transition,” Gotch says.

“The first is with the research teams, programming research, ad sales research. We have to make sure they’re comfortable with the metrics we’re providing with the methodology that supports it,” Gotch explains, emphasizing the need to upskill ad sales teams.”

Embracing Change at the Local Level

Interestingly, the shift to multicurrency is not just a national phenomenon. Gotch notes a shift at the local level, too, citing the recent announcement by NBCU’s Frank Comerford that the company will be shifting entirely to Comscore for local transactions.

“When we see movement like that, it comes down to Comscore providing incredibly granular and stable results at the local level,” says Gotch.

Gotch believes that the local market has been somewhat overlooked due to fewer players in the space and the challenges of change. “Change is hard and change requires building the pipes and changing entire workflows,” she says. However, the industry is waking up to local.

The Power of Comscore Pulse

Comscore’s Pulse product offers 48-hour reporting, providing faster and more granular data. “When you think about that level of fast granular data, it really hasn’t existed before,” Gotch asserts.

However, with this influx of data comes a new challenge – managing and interpreting the vast amount of information available. Gotch emphasizes that Comscore’s role is not merely to provide data, but also to help clients interpret it and understand how it can be used to increase revenue.

“Let us help you build a story. Let us show you how you can make money by transacting on Comscore,” Gotch says.

You’re watching coverage of the Global Leadership Summit on Data & Measurement at Cannes Lions 2023, presented by Comscore, LiveRamp & LoopMe. For more videos from Beet.TV’s Cannes Lions 2023 coverage, please visit this page.