CANNES — How does a modern, cross-platform broadcaster quantify the effectiveness of its offering for advertisers?

Warner Bros. Discovery turned to suppliers.

In this discussion with CIMM MD Jon Watts for Beet.TV, two executives discuss their collaboration to do just that:

  • Andrea Zapata, EVP, Head of Ad Sales Research at Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Rob Cukierman, GM of Measurement & Product Partnerships at LoopMe.

Deeper Questions

According to Zapata, WBD recognized the need to demonstrate value and effectiveness to advertisers who were investing in their nascent streaming platform.

“We knew that there had to be value that we can extract that was outside of just a look at all this great content in the sharing environment where we think we’re reaching younger viewers.”

Zapata emphasized the importance of efficacy and attribution, saying it needs to answer questions like: “Did it matter? Did it work? Was there resonance down to conversion?”

Looping-In LoopMe

To find a solution that could measure the impact of their campaigns and demonstrate value back to advertisers, Warner Bros. Discovery turned to LoopMe and other companies.

Zapata noted that they wanted to be rigorously evaluated and wanted to scale with confidence, which led them to work with multiple providers.

LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop aims to go beyond “proxy” ad metrics like views and click-throughs by using a massive audience data pool and AI algorithms to identify real uplift outcomes like awareness, consideration, favorability, intent, foot traffic and offline sales.

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LoopMe’s Cukierman highlighted the importance of establishing a standardized approach to measurements and having benchmarks to provide context.

Cukierman outlined the methodology they used, explaining that they deployed surveys with consumers in native environments and used a proprietary approach to building control groups. He added, “We have about 70 different parameters that we use to define that control group. (It is) much more sophisticated than what you generally see in a traditional panel.”

Standardized Attention

In the collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery and LoopMe, there were nearly 100 campaigns being measured for brand outcomes.

Zapata said that advertising on their streaming platforms has shown positive results, emphasizing a clean environment and engaged audiences as contributing factors to the effectiveness of advertising. She mentioned, “If you get a 10, 15, 30 second spot, people are going to remember a bit of what it is that you’re telling them. It’s a frequency play after that.”

Cukierman emphasized the importance of confidence for sellers and how having standardized measurements and benchmarks can provide that confidence. He stated, “Once you start to have that baseline and you’re able to say, ‘They have different opportunities that you can get on Max. Now we know how they perform on average.'”

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Future-Facing Measurements

Looking towards the future, Zapata and Cukierman discussed how the data can support better planning and prioritization.

Cukierman mentioned the opportunity to identify above-average and below-average performances on different ad units, enabling more focused planning and delivering better results.

Zapata expressed the need to improve targeting and optimization before moving towards selling against guaranteed outcomes.

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