CANNES — TV ads may never been bought fully programmatically – but that doesn’t mean they can’t demonstrate effectiveness and innovation.

In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Angela Rodriguez, Global Head of Sales for Comscore’s Proximic, highlights the duality of concerns and opportunities brought about by the shift of traditional television content into digital formats.

Amid the spectre of fraud and other digital malpractices, Rodriguez maintains an upbeat view of the industry’s ability to leverage technology for efficient ad delivery and audience targeting.

Efficient ad moves

Rodriguez concedes that it may take some time before reaching an all-programmatically-bought TV market – but she insists that the technology is already being utilized to make advertising more efficient.

“Even when things are bought direct, they’re still leveraging that technology in the background to package everything up for the marketers.,” she says.

Comscore acquired Proximic, a contextual ad company, in 2015, then built upon its tech.

This May, the company relaunched Proximic by Comscore with a suite of ID-based contextual targeting solutions with integrations including Basis Technologies, Freewheel’s Beeswax, LiveRamp, SXM Media’s AdsWizz, Xandr’s Invest DSP, Yahoo!.

Rodriguez has been with Comscore since 2007.

Leveraging Technology for Efficiency

So, what exactly is programmatic TV?

“We’re not just talking about using a DMP or a DSP, or the open exchange,” Rodriguez states, distancing programmatic advertising from legacy beliefs of remnant inventory and a “race to the bottom”. Instead, she sees it as “leveraging that technology to be more efficient”.

Rodriguez also envisions a consumer-centric definition of TV, arguing that the lines between linear TV, Connected TV (CTV), mobile, and other platforms blur when a consumer simply wants to ‘watch TV.’

So, she says, content distributors are saying: “Let’s just make sure we can do everything. Hey, I want to put the ad in front of a consumer. I’m not worried about where they’re watching it, how they’re watching it. We’re going to make sure we can do that anywhere.”

Multicurrency Market and Programmatic: A Synergy in the Offing?

The transition to a multicurrency market presents another challenge for programmatic advertising. But Rodriguez remains optimistic about the potential of programmatic platforms to facilitate transactions in a multicurrency way.

“One of the great parts about programmatic is you can bring your own data,” Rodriguez says, highlighting the flexibility and potential of data utilization in programmatic advertising.

“We’ve had years and years to learn from it and make sure that the right types of segments are there to make sure that the audiences are there.”

You’re watching coverage of the Global Leadership Summit on Data & Measurement at Cannes Lions 2023, presented by Comscore, LiveRamp & LoopMe. For more videos from Beet.TV’s Cannes Lions 2023 coverage, please visit this page.