CANNES — As privacy becomes paramount and third-party data faces increasing scrutiny, “clean rooms” are emerging as a much-talked-about tool for businesses.

But, according to Travis Clinger, SVP of Activations & Addressability at LiveRamp, it’s not the clean rooms themselves that hold the power, but their functionality and their ability to facilitate secure, meaningful data collaboration.

In this chat with CIMM MD Jon Watts for Beet.TV at Cannes Lions 2023, Clinger explains where clean rooms fit in with that.

The Rising Popularity of Clean Room

Clean rooms provide the necessary permissions and governance to ensure safe, secure data collaboration.

They offer a way for businesses to match up their data without sharing the information or intermingling it.

Clean room technology is currently experiencing a significant moment of recognition and adoption, and was talked about a lot at Cannes Lions 2023.

Clinger warns, however, that the industry should avoid becoming enamored with the concept of clean rooms themselves. “Clean rooms are a functionality for a purpose,” he stresses, “but they themselves are not the end all be all.”

Marketers Are Using Data Clean Rooms in More Advanced Ways: OMD’s Sébastian Hernoux

Clean Rooms and the Transition to Multicurrency Market

Clinger believes that clean rooms are key to the transition to a multicurrency market in the TV space. The software enables the measurement of impressions that were previously very hard to gauge, such as CTV and linear TV.

“We can let the brands measure but not have access to the data,” Clinger says.

But, looking forward, Clinger sees the focus shifting from clean rooms themselves to their functionality and interoperability. “Clean rooms for the sake of clean rooms are going to go away,” he predicts.

“Instead you’re going see a rise of data collaboration platforms with clean room functionality, with a focus on ‘How do you connect them to media experiences?'”

Clean Rooms and Their Role in Data Collaboration

LiveRamp is a data collaboration platform enabling marketers, publishers, and agencies to use their first-party data to better understand their customers and build relationships.

“We enable our customers to activate their data,” Clinger says. “The whole purpose of collaboration is ‘How can you then personalize and measure the consumer journey?'”

For the industry to fully harness the potential of clean room technology for data collaboration, Clinger believes interoperability is key. “We’re an ecosystem that only works when we all work together,” he states. “Our job is to be the middleware for the marketer to connect to the consumer through the publisher.”

Clean Rooms Need Connection: LiveRamp’s Clinger

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