Cannes Measuremeht Summit Highlights: Comscore, LoopMe & LiveRamp Execs Want To Let The Data Flow

CANNES — If data is still the new oil, the infrastructure had better allow it to flow. In recent years, limits have been placed on the transfer of consumer data – often for good, privacy-focused reasons. At Cannes Lions, the Global Leadership Summit on Data & Measurement at Cannes Lions 2023, presented by Comscore, LiveRamp […]


Measuring Max: WBD’s Zapata & LoopMe’s Cukierman On Proving Ad Effectiveness

CANNES — How does a modern, cross-platform broadcaster quantify the effectiveness of its offering for advertisers? Warner Bros. Discovery turned to suppliers. In this discussion with CIMM MD Jon Watts for Beet.TV, two executives discuss their collaboration to do just that: Andrea Zapata, EVP, Head of Ad Sales Research at Warner Bros. Discovery Rob Cukierman, […]


Focus On Function: LiveRamp’s Clinger Cautions Against Becoming Wedded to Clean Rooms

CANNES — As privacy becomes paramount and third-party data faces increasing scrutiny, “clean rooms” are emerging as a much-talked-about tool for businesses. But, according to Travis Clinger, SVP of Activations & Addressability at LiveRamp, it’s not the clean rooms themselves that hold the power, but their functionality and their ability to facilitate secure, meaningful data […]


TV-Quality Ad Breaks Are Key Priority for Streaming: Paramount’s Leo O’Connor

CANNES – The rapid growth in audiences for advertising-supported streaming video has pushed media companies to develop a viewer experience that matches or exceeds what traditional television offers. Marketers also want the assurance that their ads won’t appear so frequently that they become a nuisance and that the ads of competitors won’t appear in the […]


Brand Purpose Underpins Best Ad Strategies: OMD’s Luke Lambert

CANNES – Younger generations of consumers tend to be more mindful than their older counterparts about buying products and services whose social values align with theirs. Amid this growing awareness, marketers must consider how they define the purpose of their brands. “Purpose is incredibly important to delivering on any and all marketing objectives,” Luke Lambert, […]


‘We’ve Arrived’: Comscore’s Hinnant Heralds The Multicurrency Transition

CANNES — Sometimes, you wake up to find some of the most seismic and long-anticipated changes have already happened. For advertising, at the center of this change is the transition to multicurrency measurement. But that is a process that Comscore’s Chief Revenue Officer, Carol Hinnant, believes has already been successfully undertaken. Navigating the Multicurrency Transition […]


Nielsen ONE’s Measurement Journey & Data Deals

CANNES — Nielsen may be fighting to better measure viewing across a plethora of TV platforms, but its answer may come down to one thing. More specifically, ONE thing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Deirdre Thomas, Chief Product Officer, Nielsen Audience Measurement, discusses Nielsen ONE, the company’s cross-screen measurement solution, plus a recently-launched data […]


Shaking Up the TV Ad Industry: A Call for Transparency & Control in Identity Resolution

CANNES — Connected TV never boasted the living-room equivalent of a device cookie – and that has kept it largely under the radar of many regulatory and buyer concerns. Increasingly, however, ad buyers are demanding more transparency about their CTV ads, according to Emily Kistner. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kistner, Director, New Business […]


Big Data, New Currencies & Clean Rooms: A Peek Inside OpenAP’s Future

CANNES — Last year at Cannes, OpenAP announced the OpenAP Data Hub in partnership with Snowflake, to provide publishers and advertisers with cross-platform data in privacy-compliant environments. The business is now gearing up for the launch of what it says is the industry’s first streaming data service, set to debut in early 2024. “OpenAP’s role […]


Buyer’s Market for TV Ads Comes With Shift to Streaming: Omnicom’s Kelly Metz

CANNES – The media marketplace is filled with chatter about the economic outlook and its negative effect on demand for advertising. Amid this environment, brands are shifting some of their ad budgets from linear television to streaming. “We’ve heard lots of things like the market is soft, it’s a buyer’s market,” Kelly Metz, managing director […]


LiveRamp’s Sharma Sees Clean Rooms At Ecosystem’s Heart, Standards Needed

CANNES — In the dynamic world of digital advertising, ‘clean rooms’ are starting to take center stage. Born out of the need for privacy compliance with GDPR in Europe, clean rooms are shaping up to be more than just a feature, but a critical tool in the data collaboration landscape. In this video interview with […]


Marketers Have More Choice in Media Currencies: WBD’s Andrea Zapata

CANNES – The major shift in people’s television viewing habits has led to a need for audience measurement that covers a variety of platforms – everything from traditional linear television to video streaming on connected devices. Media companies in the past year have gained greater confidence that they can sell advertising with the help of […]


Clean-Room Integration with Havas and LiveRamp Is Collaborative Effort: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

CANNES – Media company Paramount is part of a partnership that advertising agency Havas announced with data-collaboration platform LiveRamp on data clean rooms. The goal is give marketers a way to improve audience targeting by matching their customer data with other datasets while also protecting people’s privacy. “At Paramount, we think a couple of core […]


‘The Golden Age of Measurement’: Samba TV’s Vision for Cross-Platform Analytics

CANNES – In the vibrant and ever-changing world of digital media, the elusive goal of cross-platform measurement may finally be within reach. Ashwin Navin, CEO and Co-Founder of Samba TV, believes that “we may actually have some convergence of a methodology that works in one country, may work in multiple countries, which is a game-changer […]


AI Can ‘Supercharge’ Brand Advertising: LoopMe’s Cukierman

CANNES — In an era where media is becoming increasingly fragmented and outcomes-focused, LoopMe is leveraging artificial intelligence to bring the power of brand advertising to new platforms. The company uses technology and surveys to uncover ad effectiveness. In this video interview with Jonathan Steuer for Beet.TV, Rob Cukierman, LoopMe’s GM of Measurement & Product […]


Programmatic TV: A New Era of Efficiency and Audience Targeting

CANNES — TV ads may never been bought fully programmatically – but that doesn’t mean they can’t demonstrate effectiveness and innovation. In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Angela Rodriguez, Global Head of Sales for Comscore’s Proximic, highlights the duality of concerns and opportunities brought about by the shift of traditional television content […]


Close The Loop To Measure Up: LoopMe’s Coffey Says Brands Are Refocusing On Incremenality

CANNES — In this economy, more CMOs are being asked to prove the results of their ad spending. But outcomes can be about more than just making a sale. Speaking with Jonathan Steuer for Beet.TV in Cannes, Lisa Coffey, Global Chief Revenue Officer at LoopMe, underlines the growing importance of incrementality in the world of […]


Attention Metrics, Clean Rooms Are Key Ad Tools: Havas’s Mike Bregman

CANNES – The fragmentation of the media marketplace has challenged marketers to find more ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising, including a metric for people’s attention to brand messaging. Advertising agency Havas teamed with measurement partner Adelaide to develop the Meaningful Attention Unit (MAU) as a key metric. “We’re going to change how we […]


Clean Rooms Need Collaboration: LiveRamp’s Clinger

CANNES — Over the last year, “clean room” technology has rocketed in popularity, as a means to enable privacy-compliant data integration. But it’s not just data that needs to get integrated, it’s also the clean room tools themselves. That is according to Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations & Addressability, LiveRamp. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Clinger […]


How Multi-Currency Happens: Comscore’s Gotch On Up-Skilling & Embracing Local Change

CANNES — The last couple of years has seen a veritable Cambrian explosion in alternative TV currencies. Right now, many a broadcaster is implementing a solution to add to or replace Nielsen for the multi-platform world. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tara Gotch, EVP, Commercial, Comscore, explains what that roll-out entails, and why it is […]

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