In a digital advertising marketplace, how can programmatic continue its advance without demand-side platforms (DSPs)?

Magnite just launched a solution for buyers to do just that.

In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Michael Barrett, CEO, explains why.

Bringing the Best of Programmatic to High-End Premium Video

In April, Magnite launched ClearLine, a platform designed to give media buyers access to “premium video inventory” without the need for a demand-side platform and without disintermediating agencies or other tech players.

Initial launch partners include Camelot, GroupM and MiQ.

Barrett explained that publishers and their agency partners had reached a “loggerhead” in terms of how they interact and do business, particularly in the premium video space.

Publishers, such as large broadcasters, have strong opinions about how they would like to bring their inventory to market, and agencies do not want to be disintermediated by technology players like Magnite.

ClearLine aims to bridge this divide by offering programmatic while maintaining the relationships and trust between publishers and agencies.

A More Balanced Economics for All Parties

Barrett thinks ClearLine could help accelerate the shift of dollars into the programmatic world, citing two main reasons:  and balanced economics for both buyers and sellers.

  1. Data-driven targeted advertising: Publishers are often reluctant to share their valuable data across the ecosystem, and ClearLine allows them to keep this data “tighter and closer to home”.
  2. More balanced economics. The “ad tax” that comes with transferring linear dollars to programmatic can be untenable for some publishers and buyers. ClearLine aims to create a more equitable situation for both parties.

Towards a More Mature Programmatic World

Magnite provides a range of solutions to help digital publishers and advertisers buy and sell advertising space. The company, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, was formed in April 2020 when Rubicon Project and Telaria merged.

Magnite offers a sell-side platform (SSP) that helps publishers monetize their digital inventory.

Barrett believes that as publishers become more comfortable with programmatic advertising, they will start to lean into biddable options. This will lead to a more mature programmatic world, where buyers and sellers can better navigate the advertising landscape.

He also addressed misconceptions about programmatic advertising, saying that many people mistakenly believe it is synonymous with open auctions and inefficiencies.

Barett thinks ClearLine is an example of how programmatic can be about workflow and efficiency, without sacrificing the relationships and trust between buyers, sellers and agencies.

This interview was filmed at POSSIBLE 2023 in Miami. For more Beet.TV videos from this event, please visit this page