Solving The Data Explosion & Embracing AI Carefully, With Magnite’s Buonasera

SALISBURY, CT — The digital advertising industry is witnessing a data explosion, with more device IDs and user IDs than the global population. However, this burgeoning abundance of data isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, argues David Buonasera, CTO of Magnite. In this video interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, Buonasera suggests the data devil is […]


Consolidation In Ad-Tech Industry Is Overdue: Magnite’s Buckley

SALISBURY, CT – With deals like Samba TV buying Disruptel, Criteo acquiring Brandcrunch and Kargo buying VideoByte, the ad tech industry is still seeing M&A, even though some had forecast a drop-off. It means a much-needed consolidation phase, says Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer of Magnite, who says: “I think we’ll continue to be in […]


Optimization & Maturity Drive Ad-Tech Consolidation: Magnite’s Buckley

LAKEVILLE, CT — Many had expected a rebound. LUMA Partners’ Q2 2023 market report may show a 35% dip in deal volume, quarter-on-quarter – but we are seeing ad-tech M&A nonetheless. Deals include Samba TV buying Disruptel, Criteo acquiring Brandcrunch and Kargo buying VideoByte. For Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite, consolidation means maturity. Maturing […]


Magnite’s Barrett Sees A ClearLine To Programmatic Maturity, Even Minus The DSP

In a digital advertising marketplace, how can programmatic continue its advance without demand-side platforms (DSPs)? Magnite just launched a solution for buyers to do just that. In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Michael Barrett, CEO, explains why. Bringing the Best of Programmatic to High-End Premium Video In April, Magnite launched […]


Programmatic’s Next TV Odyssey Is Going Live: Magnite’s Buckley

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The on-demand TV industry has leaned heavily toward streaming and programmatic ad trading. But the next big area to light-up could be live streaming TV. Sean Buckley, chief revenue officer at sell-side platform Magnite, explains the evolution of the business so far, and what could be coming next in this […]


SSP Path Consolidation Will Boost Sustainability: Magnite’s Evans

SAN JUAN, PR — In the new discipline of “supply path optimization” (SPO), more ad buyers are looking to consolidate the number of platforms they go through. That’s an aim Mike Evans can get behind. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Evans, SVP, Demand Facilitation, Magnite, explains why he thinks consolidation could improve the marketplace. […]


TV Viewers Mull Switching From Subs To Spots: Magnite Research

SAN JUAN, PR — In the current economy, and with the current state of subscription TV services’ content slate, many in the industry have speculated that consumers will embrace new, free TV services. Now there are some data to prove it. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite, describes research the […]


While Streaming Surges, Programmatic Is Becoming Invisible: Magnite’s Buckley

Some might say the marker of any great technology adoption is when the product fades into the background. That’s what Sean Buckley thinks is happening to programmatic, the collection of technologies which ad up to automated and advanced digital ad trading. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite, explains how he […]


AVOD’s ‘Pre-Eminence’ Puts Onus On Experience: Magnite’s Brown

LONDON, UK — After a few years in which the center of the TV industry’s gravity had swung toward streaming subscriptions, the re-emergence of ad-supported models is now the driving force. But that rise is not necessarily new. Not only had free-to-air TV continued to exist alongside historic linear pay-TV; arguably, the recent growth of […]


Magnite’s McLeggon Sees Convergence Crashing Ashore At Cannes

CANNES —  The Cannes Lions festival can be a vantage point from which executives see and advance media’s emerging trend lines. For Matt McLeggon, that means workflows coming together, just as it meant those executives coming together at the festival. In this video interview with Beet.TV, McLeggon, senior vice president of advanced solutions at ad-tech […]


Fluidity By The Sea: Magnite’s McLeggon Lights Up Audiences For Publishers

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – As Beet Retreat 2022 got underway in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, “fluidity” was on attendees’ lips. LiveRamp’s Jay Prasad has been writing and talking about the concept, in which TV networks and advertisers can make good on ad spend using digital if an initial GRP-based ad buy is unable […]


All Boats Rise At The Beet Retreat: Magnite’s McLeggon

In an industry that depends on connections, integration and collaboration are critical. But those connections aren’t only digital. At the Beet Retreat, one of the industry’s most talked about gatherings of high-level media executives, decision-makers come together to debate and thrash-out new working relationships. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt McLeggon, SVP, Advanced Solutions, […]


How To Scale Ads For Live Streaming: Magnite’s Evans

So far in the evolution of streaming TV, the majority of the focus has been around on-demand consumption. But live viewing is growing fast, as IP delivery becomes normalized as a delivery channel. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katie Evans, Chief Operating Officer, Magnite, says that means a number of new technical hurdles MVPDs […]


SpringServe Is Magnite’s Springboard For Improving CTV Ad Experience

LOS ANGELES — In a nascent market replete with both opportunity and inertia, there is always a need to smooth off the rough edges. That is why Sean Buckley’s company acquired video ad-serving platform last year. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, CTV, Magnite, explains how SpringServe can help catapult CTV […]


CTV Can Excel At Serving Diverse Viewers: Magnite Research

By now, we all now that connected TV channels offer the power to reach distinct groups or households. But who exactly is on the end of those messages? Magnite’s just-published CTV For Everyone research study aimed to find out. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the company’s chief revenue officer for CTV, Sean Buckley, discusses […]


Google’s Latest Ad Announcement Changes Little: Magnite’s Kershaw

LOS ANGELES – The journey to the future of advertising identity is long and winding. Amid the deprecation of third-party cookies and limits on other tactics like mobile identifiers, the industry is striving to develop new methods with which to identify audiences. In doing so, perhaps it has become so used to reading about forthcoming […]


Magnite to Acquire SpotX from RTL Group for $1.17 Billion: Michael Barrett on Why This is the Time for AdTech

In a major merger in the adtech and advanced TV industry space, Magnite has acquired SpotX from RTL, the European broadcast giant, for $1.17 billion in cash and stock, the companies announced this morning. Later in the morning, Beet.TV did this video interview with Magnite CEO Michael Barrett about the deal and what it means […]


History Creates Context: Magnite’s Kershaw On Life After Identifiers

The withering of the third-party cookies and mobile identifiers that have made up much of traditional digital ad targeting is up-ending the business of marketers reaching audiences. As those methods wane, many ad planners are contemplating the switch from targeting users to targeting the content they read or watch – commonly called “contextual” targeting. But, whilst “context” […]


Apple’s IDFA Change ‘Not Terrifying’: Magnite’s Kershaw

Apple is ripping up the fabric of mobile ad targeting – but Tom Kershaw sees it as just another step along the trajectory to a world of enhanced compliance. The tech company is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use to identify iOS devices so they can deliver customized advertising, to […]


CTV Primed to Reach ‘Persuadable’ Cord Cutters in Extraordinary Election

Political candidates this year face a daunting task in reaching voters as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts traditional publicity efforts like rallies, conventions and stump speeches. Campaigns also must adjust to changing media consumption habits as more households cancel cable and satellite subscriptions, and connect their TVs directly to the Internet. Connected TV (CTV) has the […]