All Boats Rise On Resilience & Authenticity: Brunswick’s Beckstedt

“There are very few things in life that you cannot get yourself out of.” This advice became a professional mantra for Lauren Beckstedt, CMO of Brunswick Corporation, giving her the permission to try new things, take risks, and step out of her comfort zone. In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, […]


Shoppable Commercials Are Coming Soon: Kerv Interactive’s Marika Roque

MIAMI – Making TV commercials more interactive has been a goal for the media and marketing industries for years. Kerv Interactive developed a technology to help identify what appears on screen to support features such as shoppability. “We’re able to actually analyze video more precisely than the human eye,” Marika Roque, chief operating officer and […]


Leadership Traits Come From Personal Style & Experience: Essence Mediacom US’s Jill Kelly

MIAMI – Women leaders are indispensable to the media and marketing industries, providing insights on the most significant segment of consumers in the United States. However, leadership traits aren’t necessarily defined by a person’s gender, but more by their personal style and experience. “Leadership traits are like calluses of life. They come to you with […]


Trust Is Key Attribute for Effective Leadership: Teads’s Monique Pintarelli

MIAMI – Amid the disruptions of the past few years, including a worldwide pandemic, war in Ukraine and high inflation, people are looking for leaders they can trust. That single characteristic is also the basis for effective leadership in business. “You need to ensure that you can build trust across the organization,” Monique Pintarelli, president […]


Hold The Door Open: Albertsons’ Argyilan On Female Media Leadership

How does the woman leading a big new business line for one of the US’ largest retail businesses think the industry can achieve better gender diversity? By keeping opportunities open and getting out of your bubble. In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Kristi Argyilan, SVP, Retail Media, Albertsons Companies, opens […]


Making Work Work For Women: PubMatic’s CMO On Leadership And Sustainability

To women in business, the last few years have thrown a lot up in the air. Johanna Bauman wants to make sure the sky remains the limit. In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Bauman, CMO, PubMatic, explains why new opportunities thrown up by the pandemic could actually end up putting […]


Curiosity, Trust & Understanding Are Integral To Leadership: IAS’ Martinez

In an industry often criticized for its lack of diversity, IAS (Integral Ad Science) seems to be taking a different approach. As the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Sarah Martinez, highlights, IAS has a female CEO, CFO, CHRO, CRO, and a majority-female board. But those are the acronyms. What does gender diversity really mean for IAS? […]


Women Leaders Are Transforming Workplace Culture: Omnicom’s Megan Pagliuca

MIAMI – The United States is becoming more multicultural and diverse, pushing marketers to find ways to make their brands relevant to consumers such as younger people with growing spending power. Women have a key role in this transformation as businesses value their insights and leadership. “Leaders are looking to work with people that are […]


Whole-Hearted: The Women Of Ad-Tech Trust Their Inner Voice

“Trust” has been a key words in digital advertising for a number of years now. But it doesn’t have to describe just trust between an audience, publishers and advertisers. Speaking for Beet.TV, research analyst Joanna O’Connell says it she sees female leaders in the business excel by trusting themselves and each other. Believe 100% O’Connell is […]


Kroger Precision Marketing Aims To Help Disney Deliver For CPGs

MIAMI — Could Homer Simpson help Pepsi shift more soft drinks using the power of connected TV? That’s what Disney aims to find out, by launching a trial in which it will offer Hulu ads targeted using Kroger shopper data. In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Cara Pratt, SVP, Kroger […]


Magnite’s Barrett Sees A ClearLine To Programmatic Maturity, Even Minus The DSP

In a digital advertising marketplace, how can programmatic continue its advance without demand-side platforms (DSPs)? Magnite just launched a solution for buyers to do just that. In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Michael Barrett, CEO, explains why. Bringing the Best of Programmatic to High-End Premium Video In April, Magnite launched […]