Media buyers at Interpublic Group agencies can now better harness audience data from IPG’s own Acxiom to plan and buy multi-screen TV campaigns across MVPDs, after a deal involving Acxiom, Blockgraph and Ampersand.

The arrangement allows advertisers to match their own data with that from Ampersand’s own list of 80 million addressable households, including 52 million addressable homes.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Justin Rosen, SVP, Data & Analytics, Ampersand, explains why the tie-up is important.

Three-way tie-up

“Blockgraph helps us take advantage of our scale across 52 million addressable TV homes, the largest in the industry, and do so in a more automated hands-on way for planners and the investment team at IPG,” Rosen says.

“They’ll be able to plan and activate their addressable campaigns across the largest addressable footprint in the industry, much more flexibly and much more quickly.”

The partnership involves three parts:

  • Acxiom’s audience segments.
  • Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System (IDoS).
  • Ampersand’s addressable household footprint and AND Platform software, a tool for planning, buying and measuring multi-screen ads in a single place.

Privacy priority

The parties say that includes privacy protection for audience data.

“Customer privacy has to be at the centre of everything that we do,” Rosen adds.

“The Blockgraph technology allows for a much more seamless operational workflow while strengthening the privacy compliance that we need to have at the centre of every engagement.