Local Advertisers Are Getting Data-Savvy: Ampersand’s Herbstman

National brands may have been first to embrace the new art and science of data-driven TV advertising. But local peers are getting in on the action, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rachel Herbstman, VP, Data Innovation, Ampersand, explains what is happening. Pioneering a data-centric approach “In the past, they weren’t as data-centric as […]


Addressable TV Is Growing Up: Ampersand’s Anastasia Dukes-Asuen

Once upon a time, “addressable TV” signified linear TV platforms that had engineered a way to enable targetability. The emergence of fully internet-enabled connected TV systems has meant a massive upgrade over that vision of addressability. Yet “addressable” is still an expanding area, Anastasia Dukes-Asuen, Sr. Director, Advanced TV Data & Insights, Ampersand, tells Beet.TV […]


Viewer Data Determines Real Ad Effectiveness: Ampersand’s Heftman

MARCO ISLAND, FL — In the new era of TV ad attribution, the key to the kingdom is a real viewer relationship. That is according to a company whose tech helps MVPDs track the actual outcome of the ads they air. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ethan Heftman, SVP, Agency Sales, Ampersand, explains what’s […]


Build A Bridge To Raise Up Addressable TV: Ampersand’s Pangis

SANTA MONICA — Addressable TV has built the footprint, now it has to walk the walk. In recent years, more TV households have got lit-up with the capability to swap-out specific ads for specific homes. In this video interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts at Beet Retreat Santa Monica, Ampersand CEO Nicolle Pangis says utilization of […]


Ampersand’s Rosen Urges Local Innovation, Sees New Era Of Focus

SANTA MONICA — In a down economy, how do you get bang for buck? Justin Rosen sees a coming era of narrowed focus. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, the SVP, Data & Insights, Ampersand, also urges brands to buy local media using the advanced tools now available. Local tricks Many toolsets in programmatic […]


Blockgraph Helps Ampersand Power IPG’s Multi-Screen Buys

Media buyers at Interpublic Group agencies can now better harness audience data from IPG’s own Acxiom to plan and buy multi-screen TV campaigns across MVPDs, after a deal involving Acxiom, Blockgraph and Ampersand. The arrangement allows advertisers to match their own data with that from Ampersand’s own list of 80 million addressable households, including 52 […]


Embrace TV’s Multi-Currency Future: Ampersand’s Pangis

Measuring US TV consumption for advertisers used to be so simple. With Nielsen, there was really only one game in town. With on-demand and the proliferation of multiple streaming platforms, that hegemony is under attack. This is the year when multiple TV MVPDs are trying out a range of new measurement provider. In this video […]


Addressability Is Going Up The Funnel: Ampersand’s Barnet

LOS ANGELES — The ability to precision-target and measure connected TV ad exposure, all the way through to metrics like website visitation or purchase, has lit up the prospect of TV becoming a digital-like performance marketing medium. But one man at the center of the medium’s evolution says the opportunity is still well serving brand-building […]


From TV Sales House to Powerhouse in Advanced TV, My Chat with Nicolle Pangis, CEO of Ampersand

Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast. Today we kick off our second season  with our new sponsor in Mediaocean. A huge thanks for the continuing partnership. Our guest today is Nicolle Pangis, CEO of Ampersand, the cable TV sales and data company owned by Comcast, Charter and Cox.  More on Ampersand and its expanding […]


Rebooting Wanamaker: TV Can Now Prove Effectiveness, Ampersand’s Matero Says

It is a century-old saying, but now the new world of data-infused TV ad buying could render it moot. As data, analytics and attribution are applied to internet-connected TV advertising, buyers increasingly have the opportunity to prove the effectiveness of their TV spending. “Gone are the days of, ‘50% of my advertising is working. I […]


TV Must Embrace Digital-Style Buying: Ampersand’s Pangis

Can a “GRP” transform into a “CTR”? The evolution of TV metrics may not be so, well, linear – but Nicolle Pangis believes that television must quickly learn to speak digital’s language if it is to truly benefit from the connected TV opportunity. Pangis is CEO of Ampersand – the initiative of Comcast, Cox and […]


Ampersand, Verizon Media Partner For TV Ad Scale

Week by week, scale and simplicity involved in buying and selling targeted TV ads grows, as partnerships and federations come together. In the latest, Verizon Media is giving itself a stronger foothold in that world by partnering with Ampersand. The details are two-fold: Ampersand will be the exclusive seller for Verizon Fios’ addressable TV inventory. […]


Ampersand’s Andrew Ward: We are Moving to Audience First vs. Demo’s

While advertising around age and demo for certain programming categories has been the legacy of television advertising, the business is moving inexorably to “audience first” with rich data directing decisioning and understanding attribution, says Andrew Ward, president of Ampersand, in this Beet.TV interview. Audience first solutions are not just for addressable TV but across all […]


Ampersand Launches ‘The AND Platform’ to Unify Audience and Measurement Across Inventories

Ampersand, the TV advertising and sales company owned by Comcast, Cox and Charter, is putting its vast data network of 38 million households to work with a new external platform that lets partners create audiences on the front end and measure performance on the back end. Called The AND Platform, the launch follows NCC Media’s […]


Don’t Forget To Feed The Funnel – How ‘Deterministic’ TV Can Build Brands, Too

The new super-power coming online in TV is tracking not only individuals’ viewership of shows and ads but, also, linking that viewership with eventual viewer outcomes, like website visitation, store visitation or even ecommerce purchase. That is why we are seeing so much discussion on whether advertisers will change their use of TV, which, traditionally […]


Ampersand Calls On TVSquared To Measure TV Ad Outcomes

The former NCC Media group launched by cable TV operators to help advertisers buy across their platforms is aiming to better prove how new-wave TV advertising can lead to real business outcomes. Ampersand, the former NCC Media, has announced a partnership with TVSquared, a technology vendor whose attribution offering links ad exposure data with actual […]


From NCC To Ampersand, Andrew Ward Explains Changes

The organization formed to smoothe the path to cable TV ad sales almost 40 years ago is rebooting itself for the age of data-based TV ad buys. Operated by Comcast, Charter and Cox Communications, NCC Media launched in 1981 to provide a common way for ad buyers to get on to disparate and disconnected cable, satellite and […]