The Trade Desk’s new deal with a Publicis Groupe agency division gives it a boost as it aims to popularize its audience identity system across the industry on a non-profit basis.

Publicis Groupe’s Epsilon is integrating its CORE ID, a audience identity system for Publicis’ clients, with The Trade Desk-based Unified ID 2.0, a post-cookie solution for making identity buyable.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, The TradeDesk’s Davi Danziger says the integration is a win-win.

Integrating IDs

“Publicis and its customers make use of Epsilon data, Epsilon analytics, and Epsilon person-based identity in the form of CORE ID,” Danziger says.

“(It’s about) making sure that those customers can use that same intelligence to activate and buy media online and make sure they’re reaching the consumers that they intend to reach, that they can measure it. They can reach the customers that they want to reach online using CORE ID.

“And for the Trade Desk, the interoperability with Unified ID 2.0 gives even greater strength to the sort of building of Unified ID 2.0 from the buy side as more and more clients start to adopt it and use it in conjunction with CORE ID too.”

Universe of identity

Unified 2.0 entered beta in March. According to AdExchanger:

“Unified ID 2.0, originally spearheaded by The Trade Desk, aims to replace the third-party cookie with an alternative identifier tied to hashed and encrypted email addresses.”

Originally kickstarted by the IAB’s Tech Lab, Unified ID has been taken forward somewhat by The Trade Desk, and Danziger has big ambitions.

Industry initiative

“We wanted to push forward with Unified ID 2.0 in a way that would continue that exchange between where users had a say in whether their IDs were used for relevant advertising in exchange for the free content that works in the internet,” he says.

“Eventually the whole premise is that it’s open source. It’s non-proprietary. It’s not a Trade Desk product even, per se.

“It’s going to be something that’s owned by the whole industry and in a way where we all have a stake in, it’s not something where somebody gets financial gain resulting from it.”

The timeline for the CORE ID/Unified ID 2.0 is:

  • April and May: Integrating Epsilon’s CORE Private Exchange.
  • Late summer: Unifying CORE IS and Unified ID 2.0.
  • Q3 and Q4: Making the integration fully available, including ahead of the holiday period.

According to the announcement:

“On the one hand, Publicis Groupe clients will be able to activate the CORE ID on The Trade Desk’s industry-leading demand-side platform (DSP) to reach people with personalized messages across display, video, social, connected TV, native and audio.

“On the other, The Trade Desk will become the exclusive DSP partner for Epsilon’s comprehensive CORE ID offerings, in addition to Epsilon-owned platforms. The CORE ID’s intelligence will be available to enrich campaigns run through The Trade Desk, for all advertisers to increase audience segmentation and deliver better results.”